Featured Student: Jose

    When someone thinks of students on a Friday afternoon, their thoughts do not usually turn to students studying after-school. However, there are many students challenging themselves to work hard at the Academy. Of the students working there, Jose Dominguez stood out for his near immediate willingness to tell his story. Things have not always been easy for him-his first childhood experiences where atop a rocky hill, with his extended family. He spent many formative years with his extended family in this rocky terrain. He and his immediate family ultimately came here, like many, in hopes of a better life. Over the course of his life in America, he has had to change his lifestyle and his tongue to adapt to being American. His mother tongue is Spanish, but he has learned fluent English and is bilingual, always an impressive feat.  

     He is working hard in school to make something of his life and achieve his dreams. He hopes to one day be an architect or a game designer. These dreams are in keeping with his passion for math and computer studies. In fact, one of his favorite classes was a WWW design class. Being knowledgeable with computers will help him no matter what career path he chooses to follow. Of course, it should be obvious why being tech savvy will help him if he wants to be a game designer. Though less obvious, computer skills can be just as important for architecture as they are for typically computer based jobs such programmer. Much of the work of drafting and designing buildings is no longer done by hand; such hand-drawing has been replaced with computer based drafting. Architects without computer skills are finding themselves left behind. Jose’s hard work, passion for math and measurement and computer skills will help assure him a bright future. His dreams of working in design are his motivation to keeping pushing forward with his education, even when things get tough.

     He has also worked hard to give back to the community. One of the most meaningful groups he has worked with is Youth Enviro-Squad. This group works to help clean up local areas such as parks and beaches. The role models who have inspired him to achieve are his parents and teachers. They’ve taught and guided him for the better. He is an active student who spends his free time snowboarding, paintballing and breakdancing.

     Jose appreciates the Willamette Academy for its tutoring services, for the mentorship it provides, and its excellent study space. Participation with the Academy has helped him keep his grades up. He also hopes to help other students with their studies-he will likely come to help other students the way the Willamette Academy has helped him.