Visit Activity Descriptions

Campus Tour (one hour)

Led by current Willamette students, our guided campus tours include one residence hall room, several academic buildings, student gathering spaces, and our dining commons.  Family members are welcome to join in on campus tours.  Tours leave from the Office of Admission Monday through Friday at 9:00am, 10:00am, 11:00am, 1:00pm, 2:00pm, and 3:00pm during regular visit days.  Summer and break tour times are 9:00am, 11:00am, and 3:00pm.  On those Saturdays that the Office of Admission is open (please see our visit calendar for specific dates), tours leave at 10:00am and 11:00am.

Admission Information Session (one hour)

Information sessions are presented to groups by our admission officers and provide an overview of the qualities that make Willamette unique.  Also included are application instructions and the opportunity to ask questions about our academic and extracurricular programs.  Family members are welcome to sit in.  Information sessions are offered at 10:00am and 2:00pm during regular visit days and breaks and at 10:00am on Saturdays when the Office of Admission is open.

Admission Interview (one hour)

Willamette’s admission interview gives a member of the admission committee a chance to get a sense of who you are beyond your application materials. The interview simultaneously provides the applicant a chance to have questions answered and to address any issues in your application that are best explained through a personal conversation. Interviews are offered to senior and transfer applicants only, are designed to be mutually informative, and typically last 20-40 minutes with parents or other guests joining in at the end. Interviews are occasionally conducted off campus when admission counselors travel, so it may be possible to have one in your area if it does not fit into your schedule when visiting campus. Phone and Skype interviews may also be arranged.

Current Student Host for Lunch or Dinner (one to two hours)

Students wishing to stay for lunch or dinner in our dining hall may do so with a current student host.  Joining a current Willamette student for a meal is a great opportunity for concentrated student contact and the chance to ask questions about academic and campus life.  Willamette will provide a meal card for the visiting student; parents and family members are welcome to join in and may purchase their meal.

Meeting with an Athletic Coach (30 minutes)

Student athletes who have had contact with one of our varsity coaches may request time to meet with the coach during their campus visit.  Family members are welcome to join in.  The coach will determine if watching a practice or meeting team members is appropriate.    

Class Visit (one to two hours)  

Prospective seniors and transfers are welcome to sit in on a class during their visit to campus (to keep our small classes small, however, we ask that family members not join in).  Class availability varies from week to week depending on faculty syllabi and test schedules.  While we will work to find a class that meets your particular academic interest, the primary goal of the class visit is to observe student/faculty interaction and get a general sense of the small class experience.

Evening Stay (three to four hours)

Prospective Students wishing to explore student life but not staying the night are welcome to stay for the evening. We will arrange for a student host who will take you to dinner, introduce you to friends, and have you join in on any campus events that may be taking place. Visitors may then return home or head to their hotel at a designated pick-up time.

Overnight Stay in Residence Hall

Prospective senior and transfer students may include an overnight stay in one of our residence halls as part of their campus visit experience.  We will arrange for a student host who will share their room and show you what typical student life is like.  Advance planning is particularly important if an overnight experience is involved.  Visitors should bring a sleeping bag and pillow and plan to arrive no later than 4:00pm in order to meet up with the student host. Preferred nights for an overnight experience are Sunday through Thursday, although exceptions can be made for students traveling from a distance or traveling alone.