Career Management

Not-for-Profit Internship Scholarship Program 2013

Request for Proposal:

Proposal for the 2013 summer interns is due Monday, February 25th.  Proposal should include a detailed description of the project you’d like an MBA intern to work on for the summer. Plan to have the student work full-time for 10 to 12 weeks. One of our donors will make a donation to your organization to cover the intern salary.

Criteria for Eligibility for Internship for Credit Program:

  • Project should build upon or extend the student's first year learning and student career goals. For example, core coursework includes marketing, operations, human resources, organizational analysis, finance, accounting, data analysis, not-for-profit management, and systems management.
  •  The internship presents the opportunity to interface with upper management.
  • There is an opportunity for the student to solve an organizational or departmental problem.
  • The internship is typically project based. In other words, at the end of the summer, the student should have something tangible to show how they added value to your organization. Ideally, the internship enables the student to add 2-3 accomplishments to their resume.
  • Business plans for a new venture or remote work locations are not eligible for internships for credit as part of the experience is to get immersed in an organizational culture.

Proposal Elements:

  • Detailed description of the project(s) the student will be responsible for during the summer
  • Additional elements included in the internship that speaks to the criteria for credit eligibility, for example, monthly brown bag meetings with various managers.
  • Qualifications required or preferred from applicants. Note all applicants will be first year MBA students with a variety of backgrounds and experiences.
  • Preferred application process and deadlines. Friday, March 15, we have a career close-up event where you can talk with students about the internships and do on campus interviews. Alternatively, you may interview at your place of business. Typically, resumes and cover letters are batched and sent after the deadline, however if you’d like them as students apply, we can arrange that as well.
  • Contact information for the key contact for this proposal.

Candidate Selection Process:

  • Monday, February 25 – Proposals due from not-for-profits
  • Monday, March 4 – Notification of selections made to not-for-profits
  • Monday, March 4 – Monday, March 11 – Internships posted for student applications
  • Tuesday, March 5, student applications sent to not-for-profits
  • Tuesday, March 5 through Thursday, March 20 – Candidate interviews
  • Friday, March 15 – Information Sessions and Interviews on Campus
  • Friday, March 22 – Final selection of candidates

Summer Internship Logistics:

  • April 3 : An introduction will be made to your donor
  • May 1: The donor will provide a donation of $7500 on April 15 to cover the salary for the intern for 12 weeks. NOTE: Should the student plan to take a vacation, donation will be adjusted for 11 or 10 weeks.
  • May – August: Willamette’s summer vacation starts May 13th and runs through Aug 16th.
  • Intern will work full-time for 12 weeks at $15/hr ($7200). Possible for 10 weeks at $15/hr for $6000.
  • Not-for-Profit Partners will pay the intern during the summer in the manner which they normally would hire a temporary worker. (See NACE information sheet for questions)
  • Student is required to enroll in GSM750 Internship for Credit Course via Internwatch at Willamette and will be mentored by a Faculty Internship Coordinator throughout the summer. (See Syllabus for questions)
  • May: The first deliverable for the student is the Position Plan, which is due June 1 (after two weeks).  We highly suggest that the student work with you to develop the plan which outlines the project timeline, expectations and deliverables for the internship.

Internship Supervisor and Student Commitment to the School:

  • May - Supervisor will be contacted by faculty at the beginning of the summer who will outline responsibilities and expectations of the student.
  • July - Faculty and/or Career Management Staff will request a visit with the supervisor mid-summer, typically July and would like to take a photo of the student and the supervisor in their workplace.
  • August - Near the end of the internship, the supervisor will give the student a formal performance appraisal in person giving the student both positive feedback as well as constructive criticism to improve their performance. Please use whatever forms you usually use for your own staff. We do have a sample form if you prefer.
  • August - At the end of the internship, faculty will ask the supervisor to complete an online survey for our assurance of learning commitment. This gives our curriculum committee valuable feedback to improve our core coursework.
  • August: In addition to the regular GSM7251 requirements, the student will be asked to draft a memo to the donor outlining the value they were able to add to your organization and what they learned. 

For more information

Contact Director, Beth Ursin at 503.370.6167