The Career Management and Coaching Certificate is designed for the professional ready to explore opportunities and challenges critical to achieving career and organizational success. You will energize and reinvent yourself through a process of reflection and personal development.

Individual sessions are designed to teach and practice specific skill competencies and to integrate with one another to support you in building a comprehensive professional development plan.

Professionals are invited to enroll in one or all sessions. The Professional Certificate in Career Management and Coaching will be awarded to participants who successfully complete seven or more sessions. Academic credit will not be awarded. Participants who qualify for the certificate will receive their Professional Certificate in Career Management and Coaching following the completion of all sessions.


  • $249 per session ($1,795 one-time payment for all 8 sessions)
  • $199 per session ($1515 for the series) for Willamette University Alumni, students and staff

Current MBA for Professionals Candidates are invited to participate in one or more sessions at no cost and are encouraged to take advantage of funding from the Dean. Participation details are on the registration form. Registration form. Cancellation notice: MBA students, if you need to cancel for any reason, you must cancel 7 days prior to the session.Otherwise, a cancellation fee of $199 will be charged to your student account.

Please contact us with any questions about the Certificate in Career Management and Coaching program.

Crucial Conversations

The objective of this session is to develop the tools needed to effectively use new skills for creating alignment and agreement by fostering open dialogue around high-stakes, emotional,or risky topics - at all levels of your organization.

By learning how to speak and be heard (and encouraging others to do the same) you'll:

  • Surface the best ideas
  • Make the highest-quality decisions

    What does Crucial Conversations training teach?
    • Speak persuasively, not abrasively
    • Foster teamwork and better decision making
    • Build acceptance rather than resistance
    • Resolve individual and group disagreements

Facilitator: Melinda Rogers

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Discovering your Career "True North"

The objective of this session is to help you better understand yourself, tap into your passions, and develop a guiding purpose or “True North” for your professional goals. We will use assessments, debriefs, and both individual and group exercises.

Through this dynamic and interactive session you will:

  • Develop an understanding of who you are in your professional life, incorporating your style, core strengths, and personal values
  • Identify your professional motivations and what gives you fulfillment at work through exploring your career purpose and passion, and what you are committed to achieving
  • Create a compelling description of your Career “True North” that integrates your authentic self with your professional objectives

Facilitator(s): Gayle Gregory and Jerry Zygmuntowicz

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Maximizing Mentoring and Coaching Relationships

The objective of this session is to utilize the power of mentoring relationships throughout your career. How can mentors influence your career planning activities? How do you benefit from the relationship?

Through this dynamic and interactive session you will:

  • Become aware of opportunities for mentoring and coaching from people who exemplify behaviors you can learn from in contributing to your organization and improving your career
  • Explore how to determine areas of mentorship and coaching you would most benefit from and different ways to accept and offer mentorship and coaching
  • Identify and create a plan to cultivate and care for effective mentors from your peer group and higher management levels in your organization

Facilitator(s): Steven Hunt

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Effective Executive Presentations

The objective of this session is for you to become effective at delivering clear, concise and persuasive presentations for senior-level managers and executives.

Facilitator(s): Jill Peters

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Navigating Organizational Culture

The objective of this session is to help you become aware of your own decision making processes and that of your organization, understanding influences and variables.

Through this dynamic and interactive session you will:

  • Delve into work environment self-awareness in understanding your organization's performance culture, expectations of management, and how goals are accomplished.
  • Cover the following topics: 1) aligning your personal and professional goals with the organization, 2) understanding the organization's expectations of you as an individual contributor and you as a team/project leader, and 3) and managing change and transitions.
  • Create an action plan that identifies specific activities and resources you can utilize to effectively contribute to yours and your company’s success.

Facilitator(s):  Stephen King

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Performance Coaching

The objective of this session is to develop your awareness and skills as a capable coach and mentor to others. How can you transfer the skills you learn to relationships where you are a mentor? How do you effectively "mentor" someone?

Through this dynamic and interactive session you will:

  • Sharpen your leadership skills and learn what you have to offer and how to continuously work on your own ability to develop those around you.
  • Learn the tools, strategies and interactive examples to help you establish professional mentoring relationships and create a positive impact to those around you.
  • Compose a matrix and apply measurement to how you will contribute to the success of an organization by developing others and impacting their professional development

This session is required to complete your certificate

Facilitator(s): Steven Hunt

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Creating a Career Action Plan

Putting it all together... The objective of this session is to develop a career action plan that integrates all aspects of this Certificate program.

Through this dynamic and interactive session you will:

  • Create and present your personal action plan for success and increased contribution to an organization including interim measures that will help you evaluate your success and adapt to changing circumstances
  • We will facilitate one-on-one and group exercises that allow you to share and receive feedback on your career path development plan, commitment to your plan and demonstrate focus. (Highly recommended participants have attended several of previous sessions.)
  • Write and tell your story

Facilitator(s): Beth Ursin and Sue Wilson 

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Coaching Forum

Get ready to learn from the experts and boost your mentoring and coaching relationships. The objective of this session is to practice coaching for participants who attended at least seven of the previous certificate sessions.

Through this dynamic and interactive session you will:

  • Have the opportunity to bring your own career challenges to the session for feedback and coaching from your peers and the guest executives.
  • Identify areas in which you can continue to develop, as well as your key strengths
  • Interact with, learn from and emulate several current and retired executives to gain valuable feedback on your career presence, attitude, and plans

Facilitator(s): Industry experts, retired executives, guest mentors and coaches - all sharing their unique knowledge and expertise. You will collaborate, practice and interact throughout this session.

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