Course Schedule

The Certificate Program in Management Consulting will be offered Spring 2015. This program is offered at our Willamette University Portland Center. We reserve the right to cancel this course if enrollment doesn't meet minimums.  Our material is kept fresh and updated - we expect this session to be our best so far!
September 14- September 18, 2015
9:00 a.m. until 5:00 pm, DailyCertificate Program in Management Consulting
Willamette University Portland Center - Portland, Oregon
This session is taught by experienced instructors who are all certified Management Consultants.  They have unique points of view and areas of focus.  This allows students to learn from those practicing in different specialty areas.  We keep the class size small to allow for discussions and personalized interactions.  This class blends the theoretical with practical application and practice.  For details on materials covered, please click on the Curriculum button on the left.
Course Outline
  • Introductions and Course Information
  • Overview of Consulting Profession
  • IMC Core Competency Overview
  • Competency Level and Skills Assessment
  • Ethics and Professional Behavior
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Managing Client Relationships
  • The Consulting Process
    • Step 1 - Scoping Requirements
    • Step 2 - Managing the Project
    • Step 3 - Research and Analysis
    • Step 4 - Recommend Solutions
    • Step 5 - Implementation and Disengagement
  • Marketing and Practice Management for Independent Consultants
  • Practice Management for Internal Consultants
  • Personal and Professional Growth
Course Objectives

This course meets the needs of students who are looking to develop their career as either internal or external consultants.  It does not cover the technical knowledge of a particular consulting branch, but rather the tools and processes necessary to provide high-quality consulting experience for clients from beginning to end.

Consulting, both external and internal, is a rapidly growing sector of our economy, and the role of the internal consultant is evolving within organizations.  As an example of the latter, Six Sigma creates internal consultants who move around within the organization to solve problems.  More and more people are functioning as consultants, and those individuals range from people just starting their career to Baby Boomers exiting the workforce to start their own firms.  According to, there are over 300,000 consulting firms in the US, 79% of which consist of only one to four consultants.  On average, every month 300 consulting firms are created.  As a growing business sector to which our students are uniquely qualified to contribute, it is important that they be given the opportunity to learn how to become effective and ethical consultants.  This course follows the Institute of Management Consulting's Body of Knowledge for their Certified Management Consultant certification and prepares students to achieve professional certification with that registration body as well, should they choose to do so.

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Please contact us with any questions about the Certificate Program in Management Consulting.