Utility Executives Emerging Issues Roundtable

Willamette University’s Utility Executives Emerging Issues Roundtable is designed for directors and managers who need to have a working knowledge of critical issues impacting the utility industry and their organization.

Our program is innovative and designed for busy executives who need to stay informed on emerging issues.  Each month, the program will focus on a specific issue and includes:

  • A Self Study Guide.  The Guide is intended to give you context on that month’s issue and will suggest reading, videos and other related content.
  • Select readings.  At the beginning of each month, you will receive a book that relates to our issue.  We will mark an hour of the most relevant reading for you.
  • A teleconference with an expert for in-depth conversation on that month’s issue.  The session will provide an overview a current emerging issue and highlight key developments, then segue into Q&A.

In addition to keeping you informed on key emerging issues our program will help you build your external network.  You will have the opportunity to get to know other participants.  Our experts will share their contact information and our LinkedIn group provides the opportunity to connect and converse with your peers throughout the utility industry.

Emerging Issues we will explore over the coming months include:

Utility Operations

  1. Smart Grid - Developments and Status
  2. Smart Meters – Status and Benefits
  3. Renewable Integration Management
  4. Demand Response

New Regulation

  1. FERC Order 1000
  2. Cap and Trade – Status and Impacts
  3. Cyber Security
  4. Compliance


  1. Generation - Coal vs. Gas
  2. Renewable Energy - Development
  3. Renewable Energy Interconnection and Transmission Planning
  4. BPA and the Renewable Glut
  5. Nuclear Power: Developments and Status

Horizon Issues

  1. Electric Vehicles – Status and Infrastructure Impacts
  2. Diverse Business Enterprises – Benefits, Requirements and the Future
  3. High Voltage Undergrounding
  4. Infrastructure Replacement


  1. Wall Street View of Utility Industry
  2. Funding Renewable Growth
  3. New Technology Funding
  4. Stranded Assets

Join the Roundtable Today

Participation in this unique program is limited to 50 executives. Sessions begin in September, 2013. Enroll now to ensure your space.

Program Fee: $3000*, which includes 12 months of participation including monthly self study guides, reading packages, invitations to teleconferences with experts and access to our network.

*Past participants of the Utility Management Certificate Program are eligible for additional discounts. Contact the EDC for more information.

Melinda Rogers
Willamette University
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