Lifelong Learning

Willamette MBA for Life Program Details

Alumni participating in the MBA for Life program are expected to be fully-engaged in classes in the same manner as current Willamette MBA students. Participants are expected to attend all class sessions and are graded according to the expectations outlined by the course instructor. Grades will appear on the participant's official academic transcript. For more information on the MBA for Life program or to enroll, please contact Karen Arthur at 503-370-6850 or email her

*Specific Points Regarding Courses:

  • Alumni may have the option of choosing from select courses in the ECCC MBA program or most courses in the MBA for Professionals program.
  • Seats are provided on a space available basis, subject to change based on enrollment numbers for courses.  Because of the nature of the MBA enrollment cycle, open seats for select courses may not be available until the beginning of the requested semester.
  • Fees for books, materials, cases, and other administrative costs may apply to participants in the MBA for Life program.
  • Laptops are required for all courses (at the expense of the participant).
  • Participants must adhere to all academic standards and standards of conduct as noted in the Student Handbook and will receive a letter grade for the course taken (no auditing allowed).  Credits and grades will appear on the participant’s academic transcript.
  • Participants are limited to part-time enrollment status and may participate in one (1) ECCC course or one (1) MBA-P course per semester.
  • Fees associated with the program will not be refunded once the participant attends a class session.

 The MBA for Life program is offered as a benefit to Willamette MBA alumni through the Atkinson Graduate School of Management.  The program may be modified or canceled by the Atkinson School at any time, without prior notice, and Willamette University will not be liable for any expenses incurred by Willamette MBA alumni thereto.