Volunteer Opportunities

The WUAA Board of Directors certainly provides WU alumni with great leadership, but alumni volunteers are who really make all the difference when it comes to the success of the WUAA's efforts. There are a variety of ways in which you can get involved, so if you are interested becoming a volunteer, take a look below at some of the opportunities available and find one that best suits you. We encourage you to become a part of the volunteer team!

Class Ambassador Program

By volunteering as a Class Ambassador, you will act as a helpful intermediary between the WUAA, the alumni office and your classmates. The WUAA and the office is constantly in contact with alumni, but nothing is more powerful than the personal touch a Class Ambassador can provide. The Class Ambassador Program is specifically designed to engage alumni through peer contact and encourage them to contribute in meaningful ways, including submitting Class Notes, joining philanthropic efforts and participating in events.

As a Class Ambassador, your responsibilities would include:

  1. Acting as a liaison between the University and your classmates. You'll keep your classmates informed on current university issues and news, and relay their concerns and feedback to Willamette.
  2. Communicating with classmates. You will help the alumni community stay connected by disseminating WU-related information and by collecting news, such as Class Notes for publication in The Scene magazine.
  3. Being a motivator. You will encourage your classmates to get involved in WUAA events and recruit committee members during reunion years. You'll also work with classmates to identify ways in which alumni can further support Willamette with their time, talent and treasure.

The Alumni Relations office will always be there to guide Class Ambassadors and will assist them by providing email lists and inside information on happenings at Willamette. Since there is no limit to how many Ambassadors one class can have, volunteers can also find help from other classmates in representing their class. There is also no limit to the term of service, so Class Ambassadors can feel free to stay on as volunteers for as long as they would like!

For information on how to sign up, contact Aarika Guerrero in the Office of Alumni Relations at 503-370-6975 or at guerrera@willamette.edu. Also, check out our detailed Class Ambassador Program FAQ for more information on this exciting volunteer opportunity.

Career Network

Since its inception, the Career Network has helped alumni strengthen their professional skills and discover new career paths by offering useful resources, interactive workshops, access to exclusive job boards and more. Here are a few ways you can be a part of this rewarding program:

  1. Become a Career Advisor. The Career Advisor Program is a collection of alumni, parents and friends who help others find new connections and network within their chosen fields. By signing up to be a Career Advisor, you'll serve as a useful contact and resource for someone who is looking to take the next step in their career. By offering your advice, expertise, wisdom and experience, you'll help make the Bearcat network even stronger and more successful.
  2. Post jobs and internships on JobCat. If you know of any jobs or internships, posting them to Willamette's exclusive job board will help Bearcats get their foot in the door first. It's easy to do and it could certainly help an alumnus find that next job he/she is looking for.
  3. Join Switchboard. By signing up for this new innovative online networking tool, you'll be able to connect with alumni on the go and offer what you have to other Bearcats, including job leads, contacts and career advice.

Regional Organizations - Chapters, Clubs and Interest Groups

Even if you have moved far away from WU since graduation, you can still help out locally as by participating in one of the WUAA's recently reinstated Regional Programs. Alumni in and around the official chapters of the Willamette Valley, Portland, the Puget Sound, Southern California, the Bay Area, Hawai`i, the District of Columbia and New York can volunteer to:

  1. Host Events. The WUAA is always looking for opportunities to bring alumni together, so if you have an idea for an event and a venue in mind, connect with Kim Burris at kburris@willamette.edu for info on hosting your own alumni get-together in your hometown. It can be anything from a simple after-hours mixer to a community service project.
  2. Become a Regional Chapter Leader. With eight official WUAA Regional Chapters up and running, we are currently looking for volunteer leaders in some of the key locations mentioned above! Regional Chapter leaders would be responsible for hosting events, sending communications out to local alumni and encouraging others to get involved. If you are interested in leading a Regional Chapter, contact Kim Burris at kburris@willamette.edu to see if there is a position available in your area.

Is your region not represented by one of our established chapters? You can still host alumni events in your area by starting a WUAA Regional Club or Interest Group. Simply connect with alumni in your region to form a club, or build an alumni group around a particular common interest or hobby.

For more information on each WUAA Regional Organization, check out these official descriptions. For information on how to volunteer in a specific region, contact Kim Burris at kburris@willamette.edu.