Master Calendar

This is the list of currently scheduled events for all our teams.

Oct 15Volleyballat Linfield*McMinnville, Ore.3-0 W  25-22, 25-19, 25-22
Oct 15Women's SoccerLewis & Clark*Salem, Ore.1-0 L
Oct 17Men's Soccerat George Fox*Newberg, Ore.2-0 W
Oct 17VolleyballLewis & Clark*Salem, Ore.0-3 L  23-25, 21-25, 16-25
Oct 18Cross Countryat AAE Invitational
Winneconne, Wis.
Lake Breeze Golf Course
Oct 18Cross Countryat Lewis & Clark Invitational
Lewis & Clark College
Estacada, Ore.
McIver State Park
Oct 18Women's Soccerat Linfield*McMinnville, Ore. 4-0 L
Oct 18FootballLewis & Clark*Salem, Ore.45-7 W
Oct 19Women's Soccerat George Fox*Newberg, Ore. 1-0 L
Oct 19Men's Soccerat Pacific (Ore.)*Forest Grove, Ore.1-0 W
Oct 24Volleyballat Puget Sound*Tacoma, Wash.7 p.m.
Oct 25SwimmingAlumni MeetSalem, Ore.9:30 a.m.
Oct 25 – 26Men's Golfat NWC Fall ClassicNewberg, Ore.
Chehalem Glenn GC
Oct 25 – 26Women's Golfat NWC Fall ClassicNewberg, Ore.
Chehalem Glenn, GC
Oct 25Women's SoccerPuget Sound*Salem, Ore.12 p.m.
Oct 25Volleyballat George Fox*Newberg, Ore.7 p.m.
Oct 26Men's Soccerat Puget Sound*Tacoma, Wash.2:30 p.m.
Oct 31SwimmingNWC RelaysSalem, Ore.5 p.m.
Oct 31Volleyballat Whitworth*Spokane, Wash.7 p.m.
Nov 1Cross CountryNWC Championships
Willamette University
Salem, Ore.
Bush's Pasture Park
10 a.m.
Nov 1Swimmingat NWC SprintsMcMinnville, Ore.11 a.m.
Nov 1Women's SoccerWhitworth*Salem, Ore.11 a.m.
Nov 1Footballat Linfield*McMinnville, Ore.1 p.m.
Nov 1Men's SoccerWhitworth*Salem, Ore.1:30 p.m.
Nov 1Women's BasketballAlumni Game (Exhib.)Salem, Ore.5 p.m.
Nov 1Volleyballat Whitman*Walla Walla, Wash.6 p.m.
Nov 1Men's BasketballAlumni Game (Exhib.)Salem, Ore.7 p.m.
Nov 2Women's SoccerWhitman*Salem, Ore.11 a.m.
Nov 2Men's SoccerWhitman*Salem, Ore.1:30 p.m.
Nov 7Women's SoccerPacific Lutheran*Salem, Ore.11 a.m.
Nov 7Swimmingat Whitworth*Spokane, Wash.6 p.m.
Nov 7VolleyballPacific Lutheran*^Salem, Ore.7 p.m.
Nov 8Women's SoccerPacific*^Salem, Ore.11 a.m.
Nov 8Swimmingat Whitman*Walla Walla, Wash.1 p.m.
Nov 8Footballat Pacific*Forest Grove, Ore.1 p.m.
Nov 8Men's SoccerLinfield*^Salem, Ore.1:30 p.m.
Nov 8Women's BasketballCarroll College (Exhib.)Salem, Ore.6 p.m.
Nov 8Volleyballat Pacific*Forest Grove, Ore.7 p.m.
Nov 14SwimmingPuget Sound*Salem, Ore.6 p.m.
Nov 15Cross CountryNCAA Division III West Regional
Willamette University
Salem, Ore.
Bush's Pasture Park
10 a.m.
Nov 15SwimmingPacific Lutheran*Salem, Ore.1 p.m.
Nov 15FootballPuget Sound*^Salem, Ore.2 p.m.
Nov 16Men's BasketballSchreiner (Texas)Salem, Ore.7 p.m.
Nov 18Men's Basketballat Portland StatePortland, Ore.7:05 p.m.
Nov 21Women's BasketballGrand Classic - Hosted by the Grand Hotel
Salem, Ore6 p.m.
Nov 21Men's BasketballLa Verne (Calif.)Salem, Ore.8 p.m.
Nov 22SwimmingWillamette Meet
vs. Pacific, College of Idaho, Trinity Lutheran, Mills
Salem, Ore.10 a.m.
Nov 22Cross Countryat NCAA Division III Championships
Wilmington College
Mason, Ohio
The Golf Center at King's Island
11 a.m. EST
Nov 22Men's BasketballCaltechSalem, Ore.2 p.m.
Nov 22Women's BasketballGrand Classic - Hosted by the Grand Hotel
UC-Santa Cruz
Salem, Ore.4 p.m.
Nov 25Women's Basketballat Northwest ChristianEugene, Ore.7 p.m.
Nov 25Men's Basketballat CorbanSalem, Ore.7:30 p.m.
Nov 26Women's BasketballConcordiaSalem, Ore.7 p.m.
Nov 28Men's BasketballColorado College Thanksgiving Invitational
vs. Dubuque
Colorado Springs, Colo.5 p.m. MST
Nov 29Men's BasketballColorado College Thanksgiving Invitational
vs. Colorado Coll./Univ. of Northwestern
Colorado Springs, Colo.5 or 7 p.m. MST
Dec 4Women's BasketballMontana State-NorthernSalem, Ore.7 p.m.
Dec 5 – 6Swimmingat Corvallis Senior OpenCorvallis, Ore.All Day
Dec 16Men's Basketballat Concordia (Ore.)Portland, Ore.7:30 p.m.
Dec 19Women's BasketballHoop N Surf Classic
vs. Wheaton
Honolulu, Hawaii9 a.m. (HST)
Dec 20Women's BasketballHoop N Surf Classic
vs. Lake Forest (Illinois)
Honolulu, Hawaii10 a.m. (HST)
Dec 29Men's Classic
vs. Wisconsin Lutheran
Las Vegas, Nev.4 p.m. MST
Dec 30Men's Classic
vs. Colorado College
Las Vegas, Nev.4 p.m. MST
Jan 2 – 8Swimmingat Winter TrainingSan Diego, Calif.All Day
Jan 2Women's BasketballWhitworth*Salem, Ore.6 p.m .
Jan 2Men's BasketballWhitworth*Salem, Ore.8 p.m.
Jan 3Women's BasketballWhitman*Salem, Ore.4 p.m.
Jan 3Men's BasketballWhitman*Salem, Ore. 6 p.m.
Jan 9Women's Basketballat Puget Sound*Tacoma, Wash.6 p.m.
Jan 9Men's Basketballat Puget Sound*Tacoma, Wash.8 p.m.
Jan 10Women's BasketballGeorge Fox*Salem, Ore.4 p.m.
Jan 10Men's BasketballGeorge Fox*Salem, Ore.6 p.m.
Jan 13Women's Basketballat Lewis & Clark*Portland, Ore.6 p.m.
Jan 13Men's Basketballat Lewis & Clark*Portland, Ore.8 p.m.
Jan 17Women's Basketballat Pacific Lutheran*Parkland, Wash.4 p.m.
Jan 17Men's Basketballat Pacific Lutheran*Parkland, Wash.6 p.m.
Jan 23Swimmingat Pacific*Forest Grove, Ore.6 p.m.
Jan 23Women's Basketballat Pacific*Forest Grove, Ore.6 p.m.
Jan 23Men's Basketballat Pacific*Forest Grove, Ore.8 p.m.
Jan 24SwimmingLewis & Clark*^Salem, Ore.1 p.m.
Jan 24Women's BasketballLinfield*Salem, Ore.4 p.m.
Jan 24Men's BasketballLinfield*Salem, Ore.6 p.m.
Jan 30Women's Basketballat Whitman*Walla Walla, Wash.6 p.m.
Jan 30Men's Basketballat Whitman*Walla Walla, Wash.8 p.m.
Jan 31Swimmingat Linfield*McMinnville, Ore.1 p.m.
Jan 31Women's Basketballat Whitworth*Spokane, Wash.4 p.m.
Jan 31Men's Basketballat Whitworth*Spokane, Wash.6 p.m.
Feb 6Baseballat Claremont-Mudd ScrippsClaremont, Calif.2 p.m.
Feb 6Women's Basketballat George Fox*Newberg, Ore.6 p.m.
Feb 6Men's Basketballat George Fox*Newberg, Ore.8 p.m.
Feb 7Baseballat Claremont Mudd-Scripps (2)Claremont, Calif.11 a.m.
Feb 7Women's BasketballPuget Sound*Salem, Ore.4 p.m.
Feb 7Men's BasketballPuget Sound*Salem, Ore.6 p.m.
Feb 8Baseballat Claremont Mudd-ScrippsClaremont, Calif.11 a.m.
Feb 10Women's BasketballLewis & Clark*Salem, Ore.6 p.m.
Feb 10Men's BasketballLewis & Clark*Salem, Ore.8 p.m.
Feb 13 – 15Swimmingat NWC ChampionshipsCorvallis, Ore.All Day
Feb 13Women's BasketballPacific Lutheran*Salem, Ore.6 p.m.
Feb 13Men's BasketballPacific Lutheran*Salem, Ore. 8 p.m.
Feb 14Baseballvs. Lewis & Clark (2)Portland, Ore.11 a.m.
Feb 15Baseballat Lewis & ClarkPortland, Ore.11 a.m.
Feb 20Women's Basketballat Linfield*McMinnville, Ore.6 p.m.
Feb 20Men's Basketballat Linfield*McMinnville, Ore.8 p.m.
Feb 21BaseballWhitman (2)*Salem, Ore.11 a.m.
Feb 21Men's BasketballPacific*^Salem, Ore.6 p.m.
Feb 21Women's BasketballPacific*^Salem, Ore.4 p.m.
Feb 22BaseballWhitman*Salem, Ore. 12 p.m.
Feb 28Baseballat George Fox (2)*Newberg, Ore.11 a.m.
Mar 1Baseballat George Fox*Newberg, Ore.12 p.m.
Mar 7BaseballPacific Lutheran (2)*Salem, Ore.11 a.m.
Mar 8BaseballPacific Lutheran*Salem, Ore.12 p.m.
Mar 14Baseballat Puget Sound (2)*Tacoma, Wash.11 a.m.
Mar 15Baseballat Puget Sound*Tacoma, Wash.12 p.m.
Mar 18 – 21Swimmingat NCAA Division III ChampionshipsShenandoah, TexasAll Day
Mar 21Rowingat Pacific/Lewis & ClarkForest Grove, Ore.
Haag Lake
8 a.m.
Mar 21BaseballLewis & Clark (2)*Salem, Ore.12 p.m.
Mar 22BaseballLewis & Clark *Salem, Ore.12 p.m.
Mar 24BaseballCorbanSalem, Ore.1 p.m.
Mar 28Rowingat Daffodil SprintsTacoma, Wash.
American Lake
8 a.m.
Mar 28Baseballat Linfield (2)*McMinville, Ore.12 p.m.
Mar 29Baseballat Linfield*McMinville, Ore.12 p.m.
Mar 31Baseballat CorbanSalem, Ore.4 p.m.
Apr 3BaseballPacific*Salem, Ore.3 p.m.
Apr 4BaseballPacific (2)*Salem, Ore.12 p.m.
Apr 10BaseballOccidentalSalem, Ore.3 p.m.
Apr 11Rowingat Duals with Puget Sound/Lewis & Clark/PacificTacoma, Wash.
American Lake
8 a.m.
Apr 11BaseballOccidental (2)Salem, Ore.12 p.m.
Apr 18Baseballat Whitworth (2)*Spokane, Wash.12 p.m.
Apr 19Rowingat NWC ChampionshipsVancouver, Wash.
Vancouver Lake
8 a.m.
Apr 19Baseballat Whitworth*Spokane, Wash.12 p.m.
Apr 25 – 26Rowingat WIRA ChampionshipsGold River, Calif.
Lake Natoma
8 a.m.
Apr 25 – 27BaseballNWC Tournament
May 2Baseballat Pacific (2)Forest Grove, Ore.12 p.m.
May 3Baseballat PacificForest Grove, Wash.1 p.m.