Master Calendar

This is the list of currently scheduled events for all our teams.

Jan 30Women's Basketballat Whitman*Walla Walla, Wash.71-60 L
Jan 30Men's Basketballat Whitman*Walla Walla, Wash.78-70 L
Jan 31Swimmingat Linfield*McMinnville, Ore.107-98 L  (M)
112.50-92.50 L  (W)
Jan 31Women's Basketballat Whitworth*Spokane, Wash.67-51 L
Jan 31Men's Basketballat Whitworth*Spokane, Wash.90-83 L
Feb 6Baseballat Claremont-Mudd ScrippsClaremont, Calif.2 p.m.
Feb 6Women's Basketballat George Fox*Newberg, Ore.6 p.m.
Feb 6Men's Basketballat George Fox*Newberg, Ore.8 p.m.
Feb 7Baseballat Claremont Mudd-Scripps (2)Claremont, Calif.11 a.m.
Feb 7Women's BasketballPuget Sound*Salem, Ore.4 p.m.
Feb 7Men's BasketballPuget Sound*Salem, Ore.6 p.m.
Feb 8Baseballat Claremont Mudd-ScrippsClaremont, Calif.11 a.m.
Feb 10Women's BasketballLewis & Clark*Salem, Ore.6 p.m.
Feb 10Men's BasketballLewis & Clark*Salem, Ore.8 p.m.
Feb 13Women's TennisCollege of Idaho#Salem, Ore.1 p.m.
Feb 13 – 15Swimmingat NWC ChampionshipsCorvallis, Ore.All Day
Feb 13Women's BasketballPacific Lutheran*Salem, Ore.6 p.m.
Feb 13Men's BasketballPacific Lutheran*Salem, Ore. 8 p.m.
Feb 14Baseballvs. Lewis & Clark (2)Wilsonville, Ore.11 a.m.
Feb 15Baseballvs. Lewis & ClarkWilsonville, Ore.12 p.m.
Feb 19Softballat Concordia, Irvine (2)Irvine, Calif.12 p.m.
Feb 20Softballat Pomona-Pitzer (2)Claremont, Calif.2 p.m.
Feb 20Women's Tennisat Lewis & Clark*Portland, Ore.4 p.m.
Feb 20Women's Basketballat Linfield*McMinnville, Ore.6 p.m.
Feb 20Men's Basketballat Linfield*McMinnville, Ore.8 p.m.
Feb 21BaseballWhitman (2)*Salem, Ore.11 a.m.
Feb 21Softballat Claremont (2)Claremont, Calif.12 p.m.
Feb 21Men's BasketballPacific*^Salem, Ore.6 p.m.
Feb 21Women's BasketballPacific*^Salem, Ore.4 p.m.
Feb 22BaseballWhitman*Salem, Ore. 12 p.m.
Feb 28Women's Golfat Willamette CupBanks, Ore.
Quail Valley Golf Course
Feb 28Women's TennisWhitworth*#Salem, Ore.10 a.m.
Feb 28Men's Golfat Willamette CupBanks, Ore.
Quail Valley Golf Course
Feb 28Baseballat George Fox (2)*Newberg, Ore.11 a.m.
Feb 28Softballat Whitworth (2)*Spokane, Wash.12 p.m.
Mar 1Men's TennisLewis & Clark*Salem, Ore.11 a.m.
Mar 1Baseballat George Fox*Newberg, Ore.12 p.m.
Mar 1Softballat Whitworth (2)*Spokane, Wash.12 p.m.
Mar 6Men's TennisPuget Sound*Salem, Ore.4 p.m.
Mar 7Track and FieldWillamette Opener
Willamette University
Salem, Ore.
Charles Bowles Track
10 a.m.
Mar 7BaseballPacific Lutheran (2)*Salem, Ore.11 a.m.
Mar 7SoftballPacific (2)*Salem, Ore.12 p.m.
Mar 7Women's Tennisat Pacific Lutheran*Parkland, Wash.1 p.m.
Mar 7Men's TennisPacific Lutheran*Salem, Ore.1 p.m.
Mar 8Women's Tennisat Puget Sound*Tacoma, Wash.10 a.m.
Mar 8BaseballPacific Lutheran*Salem, Ore.12 p.m.
Mar 8Softballat George Fox (2)*Newberg, Ore.12 p.m.
Mar 14Track and Fieldat Saints Open
Mt. Hood CC
Gresham, Ore.
Earl Klapstein Stadium
10 a.m.
Mar 14Baseballat Puget Sound (2)*Tacoma, Wash.11 a.m.
Mar 14Women's TennisLinfield*Salem, Ore.11 a.m.
Mar 14Softballat Puget Sound (2)*Tacoma, Wash.12 p.m.
Mar 14Men's Tennisat Linfield*McMinnville, Ore.1 p.m.
Mar 15Women's TennisLewis & Clark*Salem, Ore.11 a.m.
Mar 15Men's Tennisat Lewis & Clark*Portland, Ore.11 a.m.
Mar 15Baseballat Puget Sound*Tacoma, Wash.12 p.m.
Mar 15Softballat Pacific Lutheran (2)*Parkland, Wash.12 p.m.
Mar 18Women's TennisSchreinerSalem, Ore.1 p.m.
Mar 18Men's TennisSchreinerSalem, Ore. 1 p.m.
Mar 18 – 21Swimmingat NCAA Division III ChampionshipsShenandoah, TexasAll Day
Mar 19Track and FieldCorban Dual
Willamette University
Salem, Ore.
Charles Bowles Track
3:30 p.m.
Mar 20Men's TennisUniversity of the OzarksSalem, Ore.4 p.m.
Mar 21BaseballLewis & Clark (2)*Salem, Ore.12 p.m.
Mar 22Men's Tennisat OccidentalGlendale, Calif.9:30 a.m.
Mar 22Women's Tennisat OccidentalGlendale, Calif.11 a.m.
Mar 22BaseballLewis & Clark *Salem, Ore.12 p.m.
Mar 23 – 24Men's Golfat West CupBeaumont, Calif.
Champions Course at Tukwet Canyon
Mar 23Men's Tennisat BiolaLa Mirada, Calif.2 p.m.
Mar 24BaseballCorbanSalem, Ore.1 p.m.
Mar 24Women's Tennisat La VerneLa Verne, Calif.2 p.m.
Mar 25Men's Tennisat CaltechPasadena, Calif. 11 a.m.
Mar 25Women's Tennisat CaltechPasadena, Calif.2 p.m.
Mar 28Baseballat Linfield (2)*McMinville, Ore.12 p.m.
Mar 28SoftballGeorge Fox (2)*Salem, Ore.12 p.m.
Mar 28Track and FieldWillamette Invitational
Willamette University
Salem, Ore.
Charles Bowles Track
10:30 a.m.
Mar 29Baseballat Linfield*McMinville, Ore.12 p.m.
Mar 29Softballat Pacific (2)*Forest Grove, Ore.12 p.m.
Mar 31Baseballat CorbanSalem, Ore.4 p.m.
Apr 3SoftballPacific Lutheran (2)*Salem, Ore.12 p.m.
Apr 3BaseballPacific*Salem, Ore.3 p.m.
Apr 3Women's TennisPuget Sound*Salem, Ore.4 p.m.
Apr 4Track and Fieldat Jenn Boyman Memorial Invitational
Linfield College
McMinnville, Ore.
Maxwell Field
10 a.m.
Apr 4Women's Tennisat George Fox*Newberg, Ore.11 a.m.
Apr 4BaseballPacific (2)*Salem, Ore.12 p.m.
Apr 4SoftballPuget Sound (2)*Salem, Ore.12 p.m.
Apr 4Men's TennisGeorge Fox*Salem, Ore.1 p.m.
Apr 6Men's Tennisat Puget Sound*Tacoma, Wash.1 p.m.
Apr 10Track and Fieldat John Knight Twilight
Western Oregon University
Monmouth, Ore.
McArthur Field
2:30 p.m.
Apr 10BaseballOccidentalSalem, Ore.3 p.m.
Apr 11 – 12Men's Golfat NWC Spring ClassicTacoma, Wash.
Lake Spanaway Golf Course
Apr 11 – 12Women's Golfat NWC Spring ClassicTacoma, Wash.
Lake Spanaway Golf Course
Apr 11BaseballOccidental (2)Salem, Ore.12 p.m.
Apr 11SoftballLewis & Clark (2)*Salem, Ore.12 p.m.
Apr 11Men's Tennisat Whitman*Walla Walla, Wash.1 p.m.
Apr 11Women's TennisWhitman*Salem, Ore.3 p.m.
Apr 12SoftballLewis & Clark (2)*Salem, Ore.12 p.m.
Apr 12Women's Tennisat Pacific*Forest Grove, Ore.1 p.m.
Apr 12Men's Tennisat Whitworth*Spokane, Wash.1 p.m.
Apr 14Men's TennisLinfield*Salem, Ore.4 p.m.
Apr 15Women's Tennisat Linfield*McMinnville, Ore.4 p.m.
Apr 18 – 19Men's GolfWillamette Spring ThawBend, Ore.
Broken Top Club
Apr 18 – 19Women's GolfWillamette Spring ThawBend, Ore.
Broken Top Club
Apr 18Baseballat Whitworth (2)*Spokane, Wash.12 p.m.
Apr 18SoftballLinfield (2)*Salem, Ore.12 p.m.
Apr 18Men's TennisPacific*^Salem, Ore.1 p.m.
Apr 19Baseballat Whitworth*Spokane, Wash.12 p.m.
Apr 19Softballat Linfield (2)*McMinnville, Ore.12 p.m.
Apr 19Women's TennisGeorge Fox*^Salem, Ore.12 p.m.
Apr 19Men's Tennisat George Fox*Newberg, Ore.1 p.m.
Apr 24 – 25Track and Fieldat NWC Championships
George Fox University
Newberg, Ore.
Stoffer Family Stadium
10/10:30 a.m.
Apr 24 – 25SoftballNWC Tournament
Apr 25 – 26Men's Golfat NWC TournamentTBA
Apr 25 – 26Women's Golfat NWC TournamentTBA
Apr 25 – 27BaseballNWC Tournament
Apr 25 – 26Women's TennisNWC Tournament
Apr 25 – 26Men's TennisNWC Tournament
May 2Baseballat Pacific (2)Forest Grove, Ore.12 p.m.
May 3Baseballat PacificForest Grove, Wash.1 p.m.
May 8Track and Fieldat Oregon Twilight
University of Oregon
Eugene, Ore.
Hayward Field
May 21 – 23Track and Fieldat NCAA Championships
St. Lawrence University
Canton, N.Y.
Merrick-Pinkard Track