Fitness Center

Beginning in 2012–13, Willamette will renovate Sparks Center’s existing space to meet the needs of intercollegiate athletes, the campus community, and many Salem community partners. The reconfiguration will include:

  • A fitness center large enough to accommodate varsity athletes and non-athletes together during prime workout times
  • State-of-the-art locker room and team room spaces for varsity athletes and campus community members
  • Two multipurpose rooms for individual and group fitness activities
  • An updated and more accessible sports medicine center
  • Enhanced classroom and meeting spaces
  • Updated facilities infrastructure, including improved HVAC and lighting systems

The footprint of Sparks Athletic Center will remain essentially the same, but the facility will be fully redesigned, in two phases, to provide more functional space.
Phase I includes the expansion of the fitness center, sports medicine center, and the addition of new multipurpose classroom and activity spaces. Phase II includes the renovation of the locker rooms, including the addition of dedicated team rooms for both women’s and men’s varsity sports.


Sparks Renovation