November 6

October 9 - Near the main entrance of Sparks Center, this former office will serve as a classroom setting for students.

October 9 - A different angle of the first floor classroom.

October 9 - A third angle showing the classroom view of Sparks Field.

October 9 - The lower level of the fitness center has been cleaned up and painted.

October 9 - Different angle of the fitness center highlighting the newly installed windows from an earlier stage of the renovation.

October 9 - A new rail is being implemented in front of the windows.

November 9 - A new rail is being implemented in front of the windows.

November 9 - The upper level of the fitness center is expanded back on the right side of the picture.

November 9 - The newly expanded area of the previous fitness center.

November 9 - Near completion, the stairs will serve to connect the old fitness center area with an added downstairs workout space.

November 9 - Previously a hallway space, the fitness center now stretches all the way back to Henkle Gym. Exercise machines will be set up next to the windows overlooking the gymnasium.

November 9 - A look at the new multipurpose room located near the west exit of the building.

October 9 - A second angle of the MPR. Two of the walls in the room will be mirrored as part of the renovation.

November 9 - The new sports medicine center located on ground level of the building.

November 9 - View of the trainer's office

November 9 - Located right behind the sports medicine center, an eight-person whirlpool will be placed in this room.

November 9 - Personal cubbies will be installed under the lower portion of the stairs.

November 9 - A view of the fitness center expansion from the newly created ground level.

 October 10

A look at the newly installed windows in the fitness center

A zoomed out view of the old portion of the fitness center, now fully cleared out.

A view into what will soon be the cardio area of the fitness center

Once renovations are finalized, this area will serve as a conference/meeting room

A different angle of the cardio space, looking into the rest of the fitness center

One of the old racquetball courts, now paved with flooring

A view of the downstairs hallway outside of Henkle Gym

A look at the construction going on downstair in Sparks Center

Another hallway which has been cleared out as part of the construction

Once an office on the first floor, this room will now serve as a student space/work room

July 24

The wall and window to the left of the front door has been knocked down as they continue renovating that portion of the building.

A look at what will be the new window area of the renovated fitness center. The square cutout on the right has been opened in the last couple of days.

An inside look at the fitness center's newly cut openings.

Once an office, this area of the front section of the building will soon be utilized as a classroom/meeting space.

Workers are now beginning to create flooring in this area which would connect from the hallway to the fitness center.

July 17

The floor structure for what will be a second multipurpose room has been set. The beams have been placed almost halfway up in height of where the old racquetball courts used to be.

A photo looking through what used to be the Honors Classroom. The concrete has been scrapped and an opening has been created showing a portion of the old fitness center.

Scraps continue to pile up in the old fitness center as phase one of the renovation continues.

A hole has been carved out of the Sparks Center to make room for the new windows of the fitness center. The opening is currently about 1/3 of what the finished window will be.

An inside view of the fitness center opening.

The storage areas which used to be on the right side of the hallway have been demolished outside of the trainers room to create more open space for renovation.

July 9

Roofing has been reinstalled and more structural beams have been implemented in the hallway overlooking Henkle Gym and the racquetball courts.

A picture of the old trainers room, now cluttered with wall, ceiling and metal scraps as construction progresses.

Ground work has occurred in places inside the racquetball courts.

July 2

A view of the hallway overlooking Henkle Gym and the racquetball courts revealing the removal of the rooftop.

The ceiling has now been fully removed over the racquetball courts.

A crane has been on site at the Sparks Center for construction over the past couple of days.

June 24

Select walls have now been torn out in the fitness center as the renovation continues.

Holes have been carved out on one of the walls in the Multi-Purpose room, creating temporary access into the Honors Classroom.

A look into one of the racquetball courts where the roof has recently been removed. The right wall will also be coming down within a matter of days.

June 18

A view towards the fitness center exit revealing several openings and exposed panels.

A look into the Honors Classroom where the entrance wall has already been demolished as the room continues to be scrapped.

With construction in progress on the building's rooftop, traces of this afternoon's rainfall have spread across the hallway floor.

A look down onto one of the racquetball courts in Sparks, where moisture among other things has piled up during construction.

This crane has been on site for most of the week so far as the roof continues to be cleared of various units in preparation for demolition.

June 11

A rooftop view of Sparks Center where some of the panels have already been removed.

Angle of the fitness center showing markings on the far wall prior to the beginning of structural demolition.

Looking at the entrance of the fitness center, one can certainly notice the removal of the building supervisor station to the left.

A close up of the condition of the hallway which overlooks Henkle Gym and the racquetball courts.

June 11

Photo of the old fitness center during renovation

View of the ceiling at the Sparks Center entrance

Looking into the lobby of the Sparks Center from just inside the main entrance

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