Sparks Center Facility Use Policies

Liability Waiver

All Users, who are not WU students or employees, must sign a waiver of liability prior to using the facilities.

Age Requirements

Persons must be 16 years or older to enter or use Fitness Center. Children under 16 must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Sparks Pass

All users must hold a valid Sparks Pass. Guests, children over 16 without their own Pass, or unaccompanied children under 16 cannot be allowed to use the facilities.


Student-workers supervise the use of the facilities. They have been instructed not to admit anyone without a valid ID card or current User Pass.


Are not allowed in the building with the exception of those assisting individuals with disabilities.

Food and Drink

Only covered, non-breakable beverage containers will be allowed within the facility. Food allowed only in pre-approved areas. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed.


Smoking is not permitted.


Visitors to Sparks Center for scheduled events are asked to stay in the area of the event.

Pool Use

Pool is for Sparks Users, WU purposes and scheduled events only and not open to the general public.


In case of an accident, please report it to the Sparks Center Office staff immediately.


In case of a medical emergency, notify any Center staff or student-worker immediately. There is one de-fibulation machine in Sparks.


In case Sparks is evacuated, please go directly to the far end of the Sparks Field.

Lost and Found

Contact the ID Checker near the main entrance.


Bicycles are not allowed in the building. Bicycles are not to be locked, chained, or attached in any way to the building structure or handrails. In such circumstances, Campus Safety will be notified and the bicycles will be removed.

Roller blades, scooters, skates and skateboards must be carried when inside the Sparks Center.

Proper Attire

Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times in Sparks, except the pool and locker rooms.

Promotions and Displays

Staff must clear all posters, flyers, signs, etc. Deliver items for approval and posting to the Sparks Center Office. Displays may only be posted on approved bulletin boards. They may not be attached to the building walls (interior and exterior), doors, window, rails or any other painted surface.


The Sparks Center has zero tolerance for violence or intimidation of any sort. Any physical or verbal abuse of any person, or conduct which threatens or endangers the health and safety of any member of the University, will result in immediate removal and disciplinary actions.


The Center assumes no responsibility for personal items. All patrons are encouraged to secure their own possessions. Theft should be reported to the Sparks Center Office staff immediately.


The Center interprets vandalism as the willful or malicious destruction or defacement of University property. The Center has zero tolerance to any damage caused by vandalism. The Center staff will determine disciplinary action taken due to violating the Center.

Sexual Discrimination

The Sparks Center supports Willamette University's sexual discrimination policies and procedures.

Scheduling Events

Contact the Sparks Center Director for more information. Events must have at least 5 days notice.

Damage or scheduling conflicts should be reported to the ID Checker or the Building Supervisor (both on the first floor).

Open Hours

General use hours may be affected by scheduled or unscheduled University events, staffing issues, or maintenance. All events may not be posted. We thank you for your patience with the always-changing schedule.

This is a partial listing of policies and should not be construed as a complete list.

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