Indicators of Achievement

Student Learning Outcomes for the Religious Studies Major

  1. Critical understanding of the multiple manifestations of religious phenomena over time and around the world, investigating how (and how well) each understands and colors reality (As judged from sampling papers from Senior Experience, or, in instances where a senior project does not involve comparative religious content, from selected Colloquiuum responses or from two courses that represent at least two different traditions at the 300 or 400 level)
  2. Proficiency in applying appropriate theoretical and methodological tools to the study of religious texts and traditions and to the study of religion in general (As judged from sampling papers in the required course REL 385)
  3. Critical exegetical skills (reading-out of a text) including the awareness that eisegesis (reading-into the text) is always a part of the process. (As judged from sampling Senior Experience papers)
  4. Discipline-based writing skills. (Informal writing – sampling response papers from Religious Studies Colloquium; formal writing – sampling papers written in fulfillment of the Senior Experience)

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