Tuition and Fees

Financing a college education is one of the most important expenditures that you and your family will make.  Willamette University offers need-based financial aid and merit scholarships to help families afford the cost of education. This investment in your future will pay dividends throughout your life.

Tuition $43,760
Fees $316
Room and Board $10,820*
Residential Hall Fees (Estimated) $150
Books and Supplies (Estimated) $950
Green Initiative Fee $50***
Health Insurance $1,878**
Total Estimated Costs $57,924

* The Room and Board rate is based upon standard multiple occupancy in a residence hall and Meal Plan B. Actual rates may differ depending upon room type and meal plan selected.

** If you have comparable coverage you may waive this yearly premium. For complete information concerning student health insurance please see the Student Insurance webpage.

*** The Green Initiative Fee may be declined by the student. This new fee provides students with a previously unavailable opportunity to develop, fund, and lead sustainability projects on and off campus. The fee was approved by a student body vote during the 2014 spring semester.

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College of Law $57,530
Atkinson Graduate School of Management (Full-time MBA) $48,056 to $52,056
Atkinson Graduate School of Management (MBA for Professionals) View here

Room and Meal Rates

All students living in a residence hall or fraternity are required to participate in the Willamette Meal Plan Program. The Willamette Meal Plan has been designed with flexibility to meet the unique needs of each student. The meal plan program has two parts. Part I consists of "all you can eat" Meal Plan dinners from Sunday through Friday and brunch on Saturday. Part II is a Meal Plan Points program, which offers four different Points options. Points meals are breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday, dinner Saturday and brunch Sunday. Food at these meals is offered "a la carte."

Meals are served throughout the school year in three locations: Goudy Commons, Kaneko Hall, and the Bearcat Cavern in the University Center (Monday through Friday, breakfast and lunch only). No meal service is provided during Thanksgiving break and winter and spring vacations.

The room and meal plan costs include four different meal plan choices. Costs for the current year are as follows:

2014-2015 Rates

Meal Plan

  • Plans A, B, C, D include 7 AYCE meals/week + points per semester
  • Plan E includes 5 AYCE meals/week + points per semester
  • Plan JS (Jr/Sr/Grad/UAP-5/6 only) includes 3 AYCE meals/week + points per semester
2014-2015 Rates A B C D E JS
Points per semester 375 450 550 675 600 650
Multiple & Single Rooms
Standard Multiple Occupancy (doubles and triples) 10,720 10,820 10,920 11,020 10,920 10,720
Standard Single 11,470 11,570 11,670 11,770 11,670 11,470
Kaneko Commons Double w/ private bath-2 occs 11,000 11,100 11,200 11,300 11,200 11,000
Kaneko Commons Single w/ shared bath 11,800 11,900 12,000 12,100 12,000 11,800
Kaneko Commons Single w/ private bath 11,900 12,000 12,100 12,200 12,100 11,900
Kaneko Commons 3 person Suite w/ bath 11,850 11,950 12,050 12,150 12,050 11,850
Sorority Room & Meal Plan 10,820
Sorority Single & Meal Plan 11,570
Apartments ($200 refundable cleaning deposit)
Haseldorf (juniors, seniors, graduate students)
1 occupant
1 occupant
One Bedroom
1-2 occupants (unit cost)
Two Bedroom
2 occupants (unit cost)
Two Bedroom
3 occupants (unit cost + utility increase)
University Apartments (sophomores, juniors, seniors, graduate students)
One Bedroom (1-4 floors)
1-2 occupants (unit cost)
One Bedroom (1-4 floors)One Bedroom (1-4 floors)
3 occupants (unit cost + utility increase)
One Bedroom (sophomore floors: 5 & 6)
3 occupants with mandatory meal plan
Price per person: Meal Plan with 3 occupants 9,100 9,200 9,300 9,400 9,300 9,100
Price per person: Meal Plan with 2 occupants 10,260 10,360 10,460 10,560 10,460 10,260
One Bedroom (7th floor)
2 occupants
One Bedroom (7th floor)
3 occupants (unit cost + utility increase)
Kaneko Commons (juniors, seniors)
Two Bedroom
price per bedroom
Four Bedroom w/ lg. Kitchen
price per bedroom
Four Bedroom w/ sm. Kitchen
price per bedroom
Apartment/Off Campus Meal Plan
Contact Residential Services for a contract or see lease. 5,100 5,200 5,300 5,400 5,300 5,100

E-Bills and Payment Information

Willamette University utilizes an online billing system called Touchnet Bill+Payment. On Bill+Payment, students and authorized users can view monthly bills, account activity, and make online payments.

Please note that students are responsible for setting up authorized users in Touchnet Bill+Payment.  Parents and guardians will not be able to access Bill+Payment until their student has set them up as an authorized user.


For information on how to use Bill+Payment, please click on the following link: Bill+Payment FAQ.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: On April 19, Willamette updated its accounting software and switched to a new accounts receivable module. This upgrade will enhance Student Accounts office procedures over the long term. At the same time, this upgrade has impacted the flow of data from our accounting software to our online billing and payment system, Bill+Payment. Unfortunately, all student account transactions prior to the upgrade are not able to flow through to the Account Activity screen in Bill+Payment. If you would like to view your account history prior to April 19th, please go to the eBill screen in Bill+Payment and select your statement dated 4/18/14. This statement contains a couple years of transaction history. Please note that student account history can also be accessed through JASON.

PLEASE NOTE: The Bill+Payment system has problems functioning properly through the Safari web browser. Please use another browser, i.e., Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, when you are accessing Bill+Payment.

Student Access

Authorized Payer Access  - Students need to set parents and guardians up as authorized users in order to access Bill+Payment.


Students are admitted to Willamette University with the understanding that they will remain until the end of the semester unless unforeseen circumstances necessitate their withdrawal. Students who are suspended or expelled from the University forfeit all refunds of tuition and fees.

In compliance with the Higher Education Amendments of 1998 (Section 668.22). Willamette University's refund policy is as follows:

  1. A student's withdrawal date is the date the student began the institution's withdrawal process or officially notified the institution of intent to withdraw; or the midpoint of the period for a student who leaves without notifying the institution.
  2. Refunds for tuition for full withdrawals will be prorated, per day, based on the academic calendar up to the 60% point in the semester. If a student drops below full-time (3.0 credits) but remains enrolled, after the 10th day of class (the Add/Drop Period), they will not have their tuition charge adjusted but will be billed as a full-time student for the semester.
  3. Withdrawing students are responsible for applicable room and meal plan charges through the date they checked out of their campus housing with Residential Services.
  4. Students withdrawing for medical reasons may petition for a Medical Withdrawal. In the case of an approved Medical Withdrawal, the student refund is the same as a student who withdraws from the University. However, the student's transcript will indicate a withdrawal for medical reasons. The Application for Medical Withdrawal may be obtained from the Registrar's Office.
  5. Health insurance charges and student body fees will not be refunded to withdrawing students.
  6. In the case of a student's death during a term, a full tuition refund will be granted to the student's estate.

Students, who withdraw and have received financial aid, will receive their refund after the required portion of their financial aid is returned to the aiding programs. The required portion of financial aid that is returned to the aiding programs is calculated as follows:

  • Title IV aid and all other aid is earned in a prorated manner on a per day basis based on the academic calendar up to the 60% point in the semester. After the 60% point, no refunds are granted for tuition.
  • Recalculation of financial aid is based on the percent of earned aid using the following federal formula: Percent Earned = Number of days completed up to the withdrawal date divided by total days in the semester
  • Federal financial aid is returned to the federal government based on the percent of unearned aid using the following formula: Aid to be returned = (Percent earned × the amount aid that was eligible to be disbursed) – aid that was actually disbursed.
  • When financial aid is returned, the student may owe a balance to the University. The student should contact the Loans and Student Accounts Office to make arrangements to pay the balance.

Questions regarding this refund policy should be directed to the Student Accounts Office located on the first floor of Waller Hall.

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