Senior Majors Information

All senior thesis applications are due April 1st of the student's junior year. Please note that you should consult with Women's and Gender Studies faculty who you feel might be able to help you as you write your proposal.  As you will see from the application, the proposal you will be asked to write is fairly detailed.  Therefore, you should think carefully about what you want your senior thesis to be, and what sources and/or methods you will use to complete your thesis.  Also, you should be aware of the courses and experiences you have that will allow you to successfully complete your senior thesis. We have found in our experience that it is vital that students have a sufficient background to complete the proposed thesis in order for that thesis to be completed successfully.  Therefore, don't propose to complete a thesis for which you have insufficient coursework as a foundation.  The prerequisites for the senior thesis are the successful completion of WGS 353W Feminist Theory, a relevant method/theory course given your proposed thesis, and senior standing.

Senior Thesis Application

Prior to graduation, we want all Women's and Gender Studies seniors to reflect on their experiences within the major.  This will help the Women's and Gender Studies faculty know if we are meeting our pedagogical goals for our students and will allow you to reflect on what you have gained by being a Women's and Gender Studies major.  The reflection is due December 1st (for December graduates) or May 1st (for May graduates) and is required in order to receive a grade for your senior thesis.  A more detailed description of the reflection assignment can be found in the link below.

Senior Reflection