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Bryan Schmidt

What I'm Responsible For: Intramural Program, Outdoor Program, Fitness Program (non-credit), Sport Clubs, Recreational Risk Management, Steppin Out (outdoor based pre-orientation program), "Blitz" the Bearcat, Advise the Sport Club Council and the Outdoor Activities Council, and Special Events (Dorm Wars, OD Grass Volleyball Tournament). Hometown: I currently reside in Salem, but am originally from Wisconsin. Education: BA in Recreation Management, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse 2002, MA in Sport Management, University of Southern Mississippi 2011 Interests and Hobbies: I LOVE to explore the Northwest. Basic outdoor activities, even sightseeing, is great! I am a HUGE Green Bay Packer fan, as well as any other Wisconsin sport programs (Badgers, Brewers, Bucks). I also LOVE food. I love trying to find the best morsel to eat each and every day. What I Love About Willamette: I love that people can make a difference at Willamette. From the simplest acts (maybe even stopping to say hello) to things that are more complex (serving and supporting communities), people can change a person's life EVERY DAY! Motto: "50% of the time it works every time"

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