Campus Recreation

The Outdoor Program


Located in the Montag Center, the Willamette Outdoor Program office is a fantastic resource for the Willamette community to connect the varied and great aspects of the Pacific Northwest. We provide a variety of services that help students, faculty and staff through guided outings, gear rental, training opportunities and connection to related local events. We can even assist you in planning your own outings!

Monday: 4-9pm
Tuesday: 11:30am-12:30pm, 4-9pm
Wednesday: 4-9pm
Thursday: 11:30am-12:30pm, 4-9pm
Friday: 1-5pm

Office Phone Number: 503-370-6958

If you’re a student organization, a university department, or a student, faculty, or staff member, we can help plan your trip or just simply rent you the gear you need. The program is organized by two program coordinators and operates through several volunteers. The program serves as a resource for the individuals who are interested in furthering your outdoor skills in a professional way. Leadership and training opportunities are available both on and off campus. Check out the links for a variety of ways to connect to the outdoors and other great outdoor news!

If you are interested in receiving email notifications for registrations or would like to be an Outdoor Program volunteer, contact Bryan Schmidt.