Financial Aid

Scholarships For Current Students

Listing of Institutional Scholarships for Current Students

There are a number of scholarship programs at Willamette for which financial need is not a consideration. Most of these are the result of generous gifts from alumni and friends of the University who have endowed scholarship funds to recognize students whose academic and extracurricular records suggest they will make outstanding contributions to the Willamette University community. Students are automatically considered for these awards at the time of admission. The table below presents information on the most widely awarded scholarships.

Name Renewal Criteria
Academic Leadership Award Satisfactory Academic Progress
Willamette Compass Scholarship Satisfactory Academic Progress
Jason Lee Award Satisfactory Academic Progress

Institutional Scholarships for Current Students requiring a separate application

Most institutional scholarships are awarded automatically during the admission process and renewed during the process of financial aid awarding.  A limited number of scholarships do require separate applications:

  • Classified Staff Scholarship

    Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.25 for Undergraduate students and 3.0 for Graduate students

  • Katie Redmond Memorial Scholarship

    A full time undergraduate who has successfully completed one year and has a 2.5 GPA or higher is eligible to apply. Preference is given to active members of Alpha Chi Omega sorority. Recipient will demonstrate leadership potential and exhibit qualities of character worthy of emulation.

  • Loren and Muriel Winterschied Scholarship

    Junior standing by the upcoming fall semester, Washington resident who lives in the region west of the crest of the Washington Cascade Mountains and north of the southern border of Pierce County. Recipient will have made recognized contributions to the well-being of the Willamette University community.

  • Mary L. Collins Graduate Scholarship

    Senior who will graduate during the current academic year and who will pursue graduate study at an accredited university beginning next year is eligible to apply. Applicant must have a cumulative 3.2 GPA or higher and have completed 2 years of work in residence at Willamette.

  • Mary L. Collins Undergraduate Scholarship

    Student must be junior standing by the upcoming fall semester and have a cumulative 3.2 GPA or higher. Students will be selected by the strength of their applications and faculty recommendations. Students must have completed 2 years of work in residence at Willamette.

  • Mary Stuart Rogers Scholarship

    Student must be junior standing by the upcoming fall semester, have a cumulative 3.0 GPA or higher, and have full time enrollment. Student must maintain a 3.0 GPA during the award year[s]. Recipients will demonstrate qualities such as dedication, compassion, patience, sensitivity, self-discipline, integrity, and leadership. Faculty recommendations and student essay are required.

  • Sara Bingay Schultz Scholarship

    Undergraduate female student enrolled full time with a cumulative 3.5 GPA or higher. Preferences will be given to members of Delta Gamma Sorority.

  • Taul Watanabe Scholarship

    -Must be of Japanese-American descent -Born in the US with at least on Japanese great-grandparent or great-great-grandparent

  • William B. Webber Scholarship

    Any current sophomore or junior woman majoring in biology, chemistry, environmental science, or physics enrolled full time in the College of Liberal Arts at Willamette University shall be eligible for consideration to receive the scholarship for the following academic year. Applicants must have a cumulative college grade point average of 3.00 or higher and must be in residence for the full academic year