Student Activities

List of Student Organizations

The purpose of student organizations at Willamette University is to provide opportunities for the enhancement of academic, cultural, social and recreational aspects of student life through participation in group programs and activities. Every Willamette student has the opportunity to become involved in campus organizations!

Student organizations fall into one of ten categories. To browse student organizations, select a category below.


Academic Organizations


Contact Jessica Outhet & Advisor: David Craig

The purpose of the Animal Care club is to further the knowledge of the veterinary medicine profession, promote preparation for vet-school applications, provide support to potential applicants, and organize volunteer activities within the community pertaining to the field.


Contact Michelle Atherton & Advisor: Ortwin Knorr

The Archaeology Club aims to engage students in extracurricular archaeological activities, projects and events. We hope to give students more hands-on learning opportunities.


Contact Clara Tibbetts & Advisor: Karen Holman

The purpose of the Chemistry Club is to engage the Willamette community in chemistry-related activities both on campus and around Salem. The club provides teaching experience, along with training in lab safety techniques, for members who perform science demonstrations at local elementary and middle schools. The Chemistry Club also provides opportunities to learn about possible careers in chemistry. Science and humanities majors alike are welcome.


Contact Luke Falcone & Advisor: Michael Lockard

The Exercise Science club is designed to provide exercise students opportunities to explore different careers in the field and participate in curriculum-related field trips.


Contact Shawn Wong & Advisor: Yan Liang

Finance Club is dedicated to providing its student body with information about all different fields of finance. More specifically, FC members will learn about financial markets, investment portfolio strategies as well as graduate school options and internship/career opportunities in all sectors of finance and business. Finally, members will hear from guest speakers (industry professionals) about topics related to finance.


Contact Mele Ana Kastner & Advisor: Gaetano DeLeonibus

The French club's purpose is to promote the culture of the French speaking world on Willamette campus and to improve students' knowledge of this culture by providing them with an insight of francophone particularities that they cannot experience in the classroom (food movies, exhibits, music, etc.)


Contact Lindsay Straube & Advisor: Aili Zheng

The German Club will provide a community setting for students of German and those with an interest in the German language and culture to broaden their learning through activities, informative gatherings, traditional festivals, and group excursions related to the subject of German.


Contact Breanne Zelenak & Advisor: Colin Starr

The purpose of the Willamette. University Math Club (WUMC) is to provide an environment in which members can explore extracurricular mathematics.


Contact Michelle Atherton & Advisor: Jonathan Bucci

The purpose of this organization is to increase awareness and student involvement with the Hallie Ford Museum of Art and provide a variety of activities related to the museum.


Contact Courtney Irons & Advisor: Una Kimokeo-Goes

The Philomathean Society sponsors a series of public debates and other such opportunities for intellectual enlightenment of the Willamette University community and the Salem community at large.


Contact Sophia Wax & Advisor: Sarah Kirk

The Pre-Health Club provides a supportive and informative environment for students interested in or pursuing a career in health-related professions by means of guest speakers, a monthly newsletter, volunteer activities and workshops.


Contact Ambrielle Anderson & Advisor: Sammy Basu

The Pre-Law Society strives to promote a strong, supportive environment and provide informational resources for students interested in law school and a career in law by hosting events, guest speakers, informational seminars, and assisting in the application process among other opportunities.


Contact Anastasia Ruvimova & Advisor: Sarah Bishop

The purpose of the Russian Club is to promote awareness and a greater appreciation of the Russian culture and also to provide an opportunity for students of the Russian Department to associate and socialize.


Contact Patrick Reynolds & Advisor: Joe Bowersox

The purpose of Sustainable Forestry Club is to engage Willamette students in forestry education opportunities and applied forest management activities at Willamette's Zena Forest. Additional hands-on excursions will take us outside the Willamette bubble, to greater understand the silviculture practices in the Willamette Valley. The goal is to give students who are interested in forestry an avenue to explore their interest and gain field based skills by visiting and working in Willamette Valley forests.