Residential Services

1.9 Prorating Housing & Meal Plan Charges

Students who live in residential housing for only a portion of the semester will be assessed housing and meal plan/lease charges on a prorated bases with the following exception: Students who check out of a residential facility during early arrival/orientation through the first Friday of classes, for any reason, will be charged the equivalent of room and meal/lease costs for a minimum of five (5) days, plus any applicable cancellation fees. If a student withdraws from the University, charges are prorated by the date the student officially checks out with their Residence Life staff member, not the date the student withdraws from the University. However, in no case will prorating of charges be based on a checkout date earlier than the date the student officially withdraws from the University.

If a student uses Meal Plan Points in excess of "their to-date average" and the student (or the University) severs the housing contract, the student will be billed the cost of the meal plan points used in excess of "their to-date average" (available from Residential Services and Bon Appetit).