Residential Services

3.3 Damage, Vandalism, Theft or Loss of University Property & Extra Cleaning

Student rooms/suites/apartments and the furnishings provided are to be used in the manner for which they are designed. If you lose or damage University property, even accidentally, you will be billed for the cost of replacement or repair. If a window in your room/suite/apartment is broken from the outside and the responsible party is unknown, you are responsible for the replacement cost. Residents are responsible for the actions of any guests they invite to campus and for any costs they incur.

Individual room/suite/apartment damage beyond normal wear and tear is the responsibility of the occupant(s). You need to report damages or maintenance needs promptly so repairs can be made promptly.

Because all residents share responsibility for damage, vandalism (including graffiti), theft or loss to public areas of their building, an entire living group or floor/wing may be charged for repair, replacement or cleaning in public areas of the building (in excess of normal wear and tear) when the person(s) responsible is unknown. In such cases, the Chapter/Hall/Commons Council will determine whether to pay for damages out of their account or split the charge among all the residents of the community, or portion thereof. All residents living in a community at the end of each semester will be billed for charges that the Council decided to split among the residents. Students who move mid-semester will pay for any charges accrued in the community to which they moved and not their former community, even if they were not living in the community when the damage occurred. Refer to section I of the Terms and Conditions for Room and Meal Plan or to sections M and N of the Apartment Lease.

If you are aware of others damaging property, ask them to stop and advise a University staff member immediately. Damage, vandalism, theft and the resulting charges are reduced when everyone in a community works to ensure that residents and guests respect others' property.