Scheduling, Events and Conferences

Faculty Event Planning

We are pleased to assist the faculty of Willamette University in event planning. We have the experience to save you substantial time and effort by coordinating optimum services. The Office of Scheduling, Events & Conferences supports and encourages co-curricular, academic, and social events that enhance and promote the University's educational and community environment. We further strive to support the Faculty in keeping abreast of professional development in individual academic fields through necessary research, writing, graduate study, attendance at professional meetings and individual study. 

Contact our office at or 503-375-5442.


You bring us the group and we will work together WITH you to:

  • Develop meeting dates, avoiding dates that coincide with other major University events or holidays
  • Plan the meeting or event in advance to secure the most desirable space
  • Create a schedule for the event
  • Determine how we will communicate to participants and market the event
  • Assist you in creating an accurate and inclusive budget. We do not charge for our services, however, direct costs will be passed along to you