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Zena Forest Visit Scheduling Form

Use of Zena Forest by Willamette University faculty, staff, students and outside groups must be managed centrally, both for safety reasons and to ensure that we meet our obligations to protect and maintain the integrity of the ecosystems at Zena. The forest is a research and educational facility and we encourage the following uses among Willamette University and the broader community:

  • field trips and tours for educational purposes
  • research projects
  • work at the farm

Advance permission to access Zena is required. If you would like to request to use the forest/farm for one of the purposes listed above, you must submit that request at least 5 days in advance using the form below. All requests will be considered by the Director of the Willamette University's Sustainability Institute.  For more information, please contact Joe Abraham, Director, at or telephone at 503-370-6482.

Note: Field Names in Red are Required.

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Zena Forest Zone Map

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Note for Willamette University community members: When your visit is approved, you will need to fill out the Trip/Passenger Form for Willamette trips ( and submit it to campus safety. You MUST register your trip with campus safety regardless of whether you are taking University or personal vehicles. Additionally, campus safety will not accept your trip/passenger form until your visit has received approval through scheduling.

By submitting this request you agree to abide by all University policies listed above and associated with the use of Zena Forest.