Student Accounts

Overpayment Policy

Willamette University can only accept funds that cover a student's educational expenses.  Each school has created a student budget, which includes tuition and fees, housing and a modest allowance for the cost of living.  The amount of payment for a semester cannot exceed the student budget suggestions that are posted by each school for their financial aid basis.  If a student overpays the budget, the Student Accounts Office will review the account and contact the student to determine how the overpayment should be handled.  In some cases the funds may be set aside for the following semester; in others the payment will have to be returned to the sender.

Student budgets for each school can be found on the Student Accounts Home Page.  Please refer to the Tuition and Fees tables.

PLEASE NOTE: Budgets are based upon a full academic year.  To determine the allowable payment per semester divide the respective budget amount in half.

This policy pertains to overpayments made by the student, the student’s family, and sponsors.  Overpayments made by some third parties, i.e., Department of Veterans Affairs, are not subject to this policy.  Also, this policy does not apply to overpayments/refunds that were created by federal loans and/or scholarships.