Graduate Programs at Willamette

Successful Graduates

Earning a graduate degree at Willamette is about preparing you for your chosen career field and preparing you for the real world. You will gain the knowledge needed to succeed as a professional in law, management and education, while acquiring the confidence and skills needed to be a leader and change agent in your community. Upon graduation, you will join Willamette University’s global network of more than 20,000 alumni around the world.

Career and placement programs in all three of Willamette’s graduate schools work with each student to develop a plan to meet your individual objectives. Numerous opportunities for networking and professional development are available to students each year.

“Willamette University’s MAT program helped me become the teacher I always wanted to be. Through the MAT program, I was able to find my teaching voice and break out of my comfort zone. Willamette University gave me the tools I needed in order to feel confident, prepared, and knowledgeable in front of the classroom.

The numerous classes and observations required of the program, aided in preparing me for my own classroom. My faculty were amazing mentors who believed in me, when I lacked the confidence.

I chose Willamette for its reputation within the education community and I am confident to say it was the best choice I could have made. “

-Marla (Porterfield) Pasterick (MAT ’09), 6th grade teacher, Walker Middle School, Salem, OR

“My job allows me to work across cultures to improve the ability of the organization to further the mission of our program sponsors while simultaneously increasing access to higher and international education.  The job description read like an MBA class list - and I know that my experience at Willamette taught me well to look at problems and to find solutions in a more process-oriented and data-driven fashion.”

-Joshua Beatty (MBA ’09), Assistant Director – Asia Region, Institute for the International Education of Students, Washington, D.C.

"Willamette's legal research and writing program is outstanding, and those skills are at the core of what lawyers do. The relationships I developed with faculty in the law profession helped me get to where I am today."

Liani Reeves '98, JD'01


Marla (Porterfield) Pasterick (MAT ’09)


Joshua Beatty (MBA ’09)


Liani Reeves ’98, JD’01