Jason Arthur

Master of Arts in Teaching

Jason Arthur


Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education


Multiple Subjects

Endorsements (pending)


Fall 2011 Work Sample

Teaching Strengths

  • Able to make content meaningful for all students by relating the material to their experience and existing knowledge.
  • Engage students in various ways such as the use of technology and realia.
  • My experience teaching in Korea has prepared me to effectively relate to students from a variety of cultural backgrounds.
  • Able to create a welcoming atmosphere in which students can learn.
  • I am very open to new teaching ideas and look forward to working with and learning from colleagues.


  • University of Oregon, BA (psychology 1998 )
  • Willamette University, MAT (2012)

Teacher Research Topic

“How do we make reading a more interactive experience?” I will observe reading instruction and work with students to make reading more interactive. The goal is [ultimately] to improve reading and comprehension skills in all students.


Student Teaching

  • Pringle Elementary School, Salem, Oregon, 5th grade

Practicum Teaching

  • Eugene Field Elementary School, Silverton, Oregon, 2nd grade, focus on social studies (American and Korean Thanksgivings) and writing (friendly letters to Korean pen pals)

Other Classroom Experience

  • English teacher, South Korea, pre-kindergarten to adult, all English proficiency levels, ten years


Student Teaching Supervisor

Practicum Supervisor

University Supervisor