David Brian J. Dittman

Master of Arts in Teaching

David Brian J. Dittman


Elementary Education, Middle School Education


Basic Mathematics, ESOL, Middle School Science, Multiple Subjects

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Teaching Strengths

  • I know that receiving a minor in Spanish and a communication major during my undergrad work has untold advantages in the realm of teaching. I also know that spending two years in Spain teaching English has prepared me well to take the reins of nearly any classroom and be successful.
  • I think that my command of the Spanish language also offers me a unique teaching opportunity to relate to students who come from a Spanish speaking home-life.
  • Enthusiasm is also a real teaching talent that I possess and I intend to utilize this strength to help the learning in my classroom come to life.
  • I also have a unique technology laden background that will allow me to enhance the learning that occurs in my classroom. Two years with an online publishing firm as an editorial manager offered me varying experiences with technology that will allow me to overcome nearly any technological hurdle.
  • The education I have received thus far through the Willamette University’s Master’s in Teaching program has also given me unique insight into valuing and teaching multiple intelligences in my classroom. I’ve learned the importance of differentiating my instruction in ways that can latch onto every student in my classroom.
  • I also possess over ten years of commercial fishing experience. Although this may seem irrelevant, working on the high seas as a team can be an intense result driven working environment. I’ve risen to be the first mate aboard our ship and have plans to be a captain during the summer months. My true leadership skills highlight my strength as an educator and the reality that I will achieve the focused results I seek.


  • Southern Oregon University, BA 2007 (major in communication; minor in Spanish)
  • Willamette University, MAT

Teacher Research Topic

How will I create a positive classroom community that capitalizes on the diverse strengths of learners in my seventh grade science classroom? What teaching strategies can I use to increase student motivation and encourage positive interaction between all types of students? I am interested in this research question because by fostering a positive classroom environment among my diverse learning group I believe that I can increase student motivation


Student Teaching

  • Claggett Creek Middle School, Keizer, Oregon

Practicum Teaching

  • Pratum Elementary School, Pratum, Oregon, 3/4/5 mixed grade classroom, September 2011 – November 2011. Differentiated instruction to show whole class pre to post test improvement of 35%

Other Classroom / Youth Experience

  • Ministry of Education of Spain, supported and led classroom activities in Spanish secondary school, fall 2009 – summer 2010 and fall 2010 – summer 2011
  • Leader/mentor, Hispanic academic outreach program, Hispanic high school students ages 15-17, winter 2006 – spring 2007


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