Robert Anthony Garcia

Master of Arts in Teaching

Robert Anthony Garcia


Middle School Education, High School Education


Health, Multiple Subjects

Endorsements (pending)

Basic Mathematics, Biology

Teaching Strengths

  • My teaching strengths are using my assessment capabilities to create better lessons for my classes and creating relationships with students to help optimize the learning environment.
  • I also love working as a member of a team to collaborate toward a common goal.
  • Outside of the classroom I am a natural leader as well as a hard worker.


  • Willamette University, BA 2009 (exercise science)
  • Willamette University, MAT

Teacher Research Topic

My teacher research was attempting to determine if music has an affect on transition time between activities. Often times I split lecture time and individual work time so students have a break in between, with that I have to bring everyone back together as well as sending them back to work. Music was the tool that I used to gain attention at a faster rate.


Student Teaching

  • Sprague High School, Salem, Orregon, Freshman Health Education, grades 10-12, introduction to sports medicine

Practicum Teaching

  • Sprague High School, Salem, Oregon, 7th and 8th grade pre algebra

Leadership / Coaching:

  • Amity High School, Amity, Oregon, Varsity O-line/D-line coach (June 2011 - November 2011)
  • South Salem High School, Salem, Oregon: Junior Varsity O-line/D-line coach (June 2009 - November 2010)
  • South Salem High School, Salem, Oregon: Mentor/new mentor guide creator (September 2007 - December 2009)


Student Teaching Supervisor

  • Amy West, Sprague High School, Salem, Oregon

Practicum Supervisor

  • Tim Stuckart, Amity Middle School, Amity, Oregon

University Supervisor