Jeremiah Milliron

Master of Arts in Teaching

Jeremiah Milliron


Middle School Education, High School Education


Advanced Mathematics, Basic Mathematics, Multiple Subjects

Endorsements (pending)


Teaching Strengths

  • Strong leadership skills from multiple years of coaching at the middle/high school level
  • Experience effectively using technology in the classroom (SMART board, tablets, class websites, etc.)
  • Experience in traditional public schools and in a proficiency based model
  • Ability to connect with students and create relationships to create a fun and comfortable class atmosphere


  • Central Oregon Community College, AAOT 2008
  • University of Oregon, BS 2010 (mathematics)
  • Willamette University, MAT

Teacher Research Topic

How can social media be used effectively in a high school (secondary) classroom?


Student Teaching

  • Redmond Proficiency Academy, Redmond, Oregon

Practicum Teaching

  • Mountain View High School, Bend, Oregon, geometry and algebra II/trigonometry

Practicum Teaching

  • Cascade Middle School, Bend, Oregon, 6th grade math and 8th grade math

Other Youth Experience

  • Coaching, Mountain View High School, Bend, Oregon, freshman boys basketball (5 years) and assistant varsity (5 years)
  • Coaching: Mountain View High School (COBO, middle school) 6th and 7th grade boys basketball


Student Teaching Supervisors

Practicum Supervisors

University Supervisor