Oregon Writing Project

Site Development Survey

To Teachers and Friends of the Oregon Writing Project at Willamette University:

In an effort to establish closer contact with the many teacher consultants who have graduated from our OWP@WU Summer Institute and SIs in other parts of the state and country, we are striving to design a series or social and professional learning activities that will bring us all together to write and share best teaching practices. Please complete this survey to help us in designing these activities. Think expansively and share your best ideas for fun and enriching activities here at the Willamette University Writing Project. Access the survey by clicking here.  

We are also trying to better utilize our social media tools to help us  stay connected to one another. Please take a moment to "Like" us on Facebook.  

Looking for playful ways to write  and learn together,

Jennifer Roberts
Gretchen “Boo” Rayburn
Angela Spencer
Steve Jones
(The Willamette University Writing Program Site Community Development Team)