Grant supports faculty and student collaborative research in biology

Willamette University Biology Assistant Professor Emma Coddington has earned a $50,500 grant from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust that will support undergraduate students working collaboratively with her on research.

The grant through the College Research Program for Life Sciences is for the project, “Characterizing the Cellular Effects of Stress Steroids on Neurons.”

Coddington and her students will use a technique called whole-cell electrophysiology to investigate the neuronal mechanism by which stress steroids affect the behavior of newts. Coddington says she hopes their findings will allow scientists to more fully understand how hormones modulate behavior.

The Murdock College Research Program for Life Sciences program supports faculty and undergraduate research in the life sciences at private colleges and universities in the Pacific Northwest. Coddington is the seventh Willamette professor to earn this grant, and this is the 11th time the grant has been awarded to Willamette.