Library exhibition depicts life in Magadan, Russia

“Magadan: The People and the Place” captures daily life in the city of Magadan, Russia. The photographic exhibit is now on display at the Mark O. Hatfield Library.

Professor Mark Conliffe, chair of the Department of German and Russian, calls the photos “a rich view of the nature that surrounds the city” and “a rare and fascinating exhibit of a region that few of us know firsthand.”

Magadan is a port on the Sea of Okhotsk and the principal city in the Kolyma region. Photographers Pavel Zhdanov and Andrey Osipov compiled images of the series with special attention to the architecture of the city, including such fixtures as Soviet apartment buildings, Orthodox churches, rural wooden homes and remnants of GULag camps.

“The photos provide us with a remarkably rare opportunity to become acquainted with the people and the region,” says Conliffe. “Moreover, as photographs, they are accomplished and beautiful. It would be wrong, to my mind, not to make such an opportunity available to the Willamette and Salem communities.”

According to Conliffe, the people of Magadan are intimately in tune with nature; landscapes of the city and outskirts are backdrops to residents' work at hydroelectric stations and fisheries as well as to their leisure time in natural settings.

The photos will be on display on the second floor of the library until Nov. 4.