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Dear Willamette Bearcats,

Welcome to the ASWU webpage.

Our website offers you information about our mission, current work, and future goals as your student representatives. Here, you can learn more about your ASWU Exec officers, Senators, and Justices as we work to serve the Willamette student body. We hope that this space provides you with relevant resources and examples of the ways that ASWU plays an important role in the Willamette community.

As fellow students, we are here to represent your interests. ASWU administers your student fees to finance several services it has created to benefit students like the ASWU Shuttle Program, Collegiate Readership Program, ASWU Sound, Late Night Eats, the Opportunity Fair, and other ventures. Our most visible function is funding student clubs and approving the creation of new clubs through our Senate Club Approval and Finance committee. We also allocate a percentage of student body fees to the Willamette Events Board, WEMS, and the Collegian to enrich student life with programs, events, resources, and information.

We have been making several efforts to increase ASWU Accessibility and Accountability by reaching out to students more.  Please do not hesitate to utilize ASWU as a resource to serve your interests.  We are here to listen to your concerns and deliver solutions.  You can find information about our progress through this website, as well as in the back page of the weekly Collegian Newspaper, and on our Facebook page. For additional comments, questions or concerns feel free to contact ASWU via e-mail at or in person during our office hours in the Office of Student Activities on the second floor of the University Center.

Thank you for your trust and support. We appreciate your input and hope that you truly use us as a resource in the months to come.

Andrés Oswill

ASWU President


Current Projects

  • Student Safety
  • Late Night Eats
  • WU Opportunity Fair
  • ASWU Safe Sex Initiative


ASWU Sound

Do you have an upcoming event that requires sound equipment? ASWU Sound provides quality sound services at a free or reduced cost to the Willamette Community. For more information and to request service visit the ASWU Sound page.

ASWU shuttle

ASWU Shuttle

How are you getting home for Winter Break? Simplify your travel plans and reserve a spot now on the ASWU airport shuttle service. For more information, visit the ASWU Services page.

ASWU Finance


ASWU Finance

Do you have any questions about how to request, locate and spend your ASWU funds? Visit the ASWU Finance page.

Student Safety

Check out the results of the 2014 Campus Safety Summer Focus Group.

ASWU Senate

ASWU Senate

Are you curious who your class senators are and what sort of exciting projects they're working on? If so, please visit the ASWU Senators page.