Patrick Carman '88Patrick Carman '88

    Alumnus Promotes New Book with Martha Stewart, Al Roker

    Patrick Carman '88 recently had a whirlwind week as he appeared on both The Martha Stewart Show and the Today show to promote the popular new children's book series from Scholastic, The 39 Clues.

    Carman wrote The Black Circle, the fifth book in the series, which also includes collectible cards and an online multimedia adventure game where young readers can compete to solve a mystery for a prize. The series eventually will feature 10 books by multiple authors.

    Kids face an increasing number of distractions that keep them from reading, including video games and cell phones, Carman says. The multimedia and mystery aspects of The 39 Clues are meant to capture young people's attention while reminding them that reading is fun, he says. The historical aspects of the stories also can help children "connect with history in a powerful way," Carman told Martha Stewart on her show earlier this week.

    He also chatted with Al Roker on the Today show after The Black Circle was chosen as part of Roker's Book Club for Kids.

    Carman published his own multimedia book series through Scholastic, Skeleton Creek, which is a ghost story that involves a book plus online videos and clues. The second book in this series, Ghost in the Machine, comes out in October.

    Carman, who majored in business economics at Willamette, worked on several successful entrepreneurial projects before becoming a New York Times best-selling children's book writer. His first book series, The Land of Elyon, has sold more than a million copies and has been printed in at least 20 languages.

    Watch Carman's interview with Stewart on her show's website, or see his appearance on Today on Carman's website.