Did Your Insurance Agent Tell You This? 

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Life insurance is an asset you may not think of donating to Willamette University until you hear how powerful, practical and easy it can be. To make a future gift to us while still protecting your family's future, simply designate Willamette University as the recipient for all or a portion of the proceeds of a life insurance policy.

How It Works
  1. Contact your insurance company for the policy's change-of-beneficiary form.
  2. Decide what percentage—1 to 100 percent—of the policy's value you would like us to receive.
  3. Name us along with the stated percentage on the beneficiary form.
  4. Return the form to your insurance company.
By making small premium payments each year for a limited number of years, you can leave a gift of sizable proportions to your family and Willamette University without significantly affecting your income.

Have questions? We can help. Please contact Steve Brier at (866) 204-8102 or sbrier@willamette.edu.

Find helpful tips on donating life insurance in our free guide.