Monthly Features

Master the Art of Philanthropy

When you donate to the organizations that are close to your heart, make sure your dollars will make a meaningful difference. By planning your contributions to Willamette University, you maximize tax savings and make a personalized impact on Willamette University. [More]

Counting the Benefits of Giving Cash

Want to support Willamette University with a simple, straightforward gift of cash? Learn more about how this type of gift benefits us and you. [More]

Planning Today So You Can Give Later

If Willamette University is close to your heart and it's important to you to support our mission, you may be interested in these creative ways to benefit us far into the future that don't affect your budget today. [More]

What Your IRA Can and Can't Do

For many of us, 401(k)s, IRAs and retirement plans will constitute the bulk of our net worth, aside from our homes. But if you?re planning on leaving these funds to family or friends, perhaps you should think again. [More]

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