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Give This, Not That

You might be worried that by including a gift to a charitable organization in your estate plans there will be less assets left for children, family and friends. While some estate gifts are passed on with a heavy tax percentage, others can be passed down income tax?free. [More]

Even 1 Percent Matters

"Do I really have enough money to donate to change lives?" If you are doubting your ability to make a difference, you'll want to read about these gift options that could change your mind. [More]

When Is the Best Time to Give?

While many gifts can be established at any time, certain donation options provide more advantageous benefits when given either before or after retirement. [More]

Remembering Why We Help Others

Don't let your giving become simply another task you need to accomplish. Get back to the inspiration for your generosity and next time you make a gift it?ll mean a lot more than the fact that you get to cross something off your to-do list. [More]

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