J.W. Long Law Library


Directories and Biographical Information

Access http://www.findlaw.com/ for legal organizations and directories.

1.    AALL Directory and Handbook.  Chicago, American Association of Law Libraries (published by Commerce Clearing House).  "[A] compilation of information about law libraries around the world."  Annual.  LAW Superseded Z675.L2 L384.

2.    The AALS Directory of Law Teachers.  Annual.  LAW Ref. KF266.D552.  Member schools directory available online at http://www.aals.org/.

3.    Almanac of the Federal Judiciary.  2 vol. Aspen.  Current through 12/09. Ref. KF8700.A19 A46.   Available online/Westlaw.

4.    The American Bench:  Judges of the Nation.  Minneapolis, F.B. Forster & Ass'n.  Current edition.  LAW Ref. KF8700.A19 A47.

5.     Council of State Governments.  State Administrative Officials.  Classified by Function.  Lexington, KY., Biennial.  Visit the CSG website at http://www.csg.org/policy/publications/bookofthestates.aspx.

6.     Council of State Governments. State Elective Officials, Lexington, KY., Biennial. http://www.csg.org/policy/publications/bookofthestates.aspx

7.     Council of State Governments.  State Legislative Leadership Committees., Lexington, KY.  http://www.csg.org/policy/publications/bookofthestates.aspx

8.    Court Reporters.  Contact http://ncraonline.org/ Locates court reporters for out-of-town depositions.

9.      Directory of Corporate Counsel.  N.Y., Aspen.  Annual. 2 vol.  Available online/Westlaw.

10.     Encyclopedia of Associations. Detroit, Gale Research, Inc.  "A guide to nearly 23,000 national and international organizations, including:  trade, business and commercial; environmental and agricultural; legal, governmental, public administration and military; ...." Hatfield database. .

11.   Federal Regulatory Directory.  Congressional Quarterly, 1414 - 22nd St. N.W., Washington D.C. 20037.  Current edition.  “Comprehensive guide to all federal regulatory activities.”  LAW Ref. KF5406.A15 F4.  Visit the CQ website at http://www.cq.com.

12.   Martindale Hubbell Law Directory.  Summit, N.J., Martindale Hubbell, Annual.  A geographical list of attorneys by state and municipality with county noted.  Includes listings of the United States government lawyers located in  Washington, D.C., grouped by departments, agencies, commissions, etc.; index of special services for lawyers; roster of corporate departments; roster of patent attorneys; foreign lawyers; state and foreign law digests; judicial code; and Code of Professional Ethics.   Available online at http://www.martindale.com/.

13.   National Directory for the Service of Civil Process.  Ft. Worth, TX. Contact http://knowlespublishing.com/ .

14.    National Legal Aid and Defender Association.  Directory of Legal Aid and Defender Offices in the United States and Territories.  Washington D.C., annual.  Visit the NLADA website at http://www.nlada.org/.

15.    Oregon & Washington Legal Directory.  Dallas, TX., Legal Directories Pub. Co., Inc.  Extremely useful.  E.g., includes list of cities showing counties in which located.  Ref. KF190.07.  Visit the Legal Directories website at http://www.legaldirectories.com.

16.    Oregon Blue Book.  Biennial.  Secretary of State, State Capitol, Salem, 97310.  "Official state directory and manual of facts and figures concerning state, county, city, and federal governments."  LAW Ref. JK9031.  Available online at http://bluebook.state.or.us/.

17.    Oregon Manufacturers Directory.   Hatfield Ref. HF5065.07. 

18.     Oregon State Bar. Membership Directory.  Portland, annual.  Essential.  Geographical and alphabetical roster of attorneys, list of multi-lingual attorneys, interpreters, CLE schedule, county seats, state bar personnel, court personnel, OALS personnel, etc.  LAW Ref. KF02477.072.

19.     U.S. Congress. Official Congressional Directory.  Government Printing Office (GPO).  Current edition.  LAW Ref. JK1011.  Visit the Congressional email directory at http://www.webslingerZ.com/jhoffman/congress-email.html.

20.    Washington Information Directory.  Washington, Congressional Quarterly, Inc.  Current Edition.  law Ref. F192.3 W33.

21.    Who's Who in American Law.   Current edition.  Chicago, Marquis.  LAW Ref. KF372.W48.