J.W. Long Law Library


Law Office Management / Legal Secretaries' Manuals

1.     Foonberg, Jay G.  How to Start and Build a Law Practice.  5th ed.  Chicago, ABA, 2004.  KF300.F66.

2.     Haserot, Phyllis. The Rainmaking Machine.  West Group. KF316.5. H37.    Current through 2005.

3.     Law Office Economics and Management Manual.  3 vols.  West Group.  A comprehensive manual.  Final supplement issued 8/98.  KF318.L3.  Out of print.

4.    Michener, John W., Managing Your Law Practice.  West Group,  1996.  KF318.M53.

5.    Munneke, Gary A., The Essential Formbook: Comprehensive Management Tools for Lawyers. 4 Vol. Chicago, ABA, 2000. Updated with supplements. KF318.M85

6.     National Association of Legal Secretaries. Basic Manual for the Lawyer's Assistant.  5th ed.  West Group, 1999. KF 319.M28.     Later editions.

7.    Rossi, Robert L. Attorney's Fees.  2 vol.  3rd ed.  West Group, 2001.  Updated with pocket parts.  KF316.R677.     Also available online/Westlaw.