Willamette Law Professor Appears on "Larry King Live"

Professor Valerie J. Vollmar appeared as an invited guest on CNN's "Larry King Live" on February 14, 2001. Vollmar, an expert in wills, trusts and estates, discussed the recent Montana Supreme Court decision to award the late Charles Kuralt's mistress a piece of land not indicated in his will. The show featured an exclusive interview of Patricia Shannon, who for 29 years was the intimate companion of television personality Charles Kuralt. After Kuralt died in 1997, Shannon claimed that a handwritten letter he wrote to her from the hospital was a valid codicil to an earlier formal will leaving all his property to his family. In December 2000, the Montana Supreme Court ruled that Shannon was entitled to 90 acres of land on the Big Hole River, worth about $600,000. Shannon's Montana lawyer, New York divorce attorney Raoul Felder, and Professor Vollmar discussed legal aspects of Ms. Shannon's case. Vollmar was recommended to the show by John Price, an expert for the plaintiff's side of the Montana case, because she believed the case was wrongly decided.