Tulane Law Review Calls Symeonides' Book 'Superb'

Dean Symeon Symeonides’ book The American Choice-of-Law Revolution: Past, Present and Future (2006) continues to receive laudatory reviews, both in the United States and abroad.

The latest review, published in 82 Tulane Law Review 2181 (2008), characterized Symeonides’ book a “superb piece of work.” That is not surprising, wrote the reviewer, Professor William M. Richman, because “veteran conflicts aficionados are accustomed to seeing fine work from Symeonides, including . . . [his] invaluable annual surveys of American choice-of-law decisions . . . and innovative work codifying the conflicts law of Louisiana, Puerto Rico, and Oregon.

“Often when I read a worthwhile piece of scholarship, I’ll think, ‘I wish I had written that,’” wrote Richman. “With Symeonides’ book the reaction was, ‘I wish I could have written that.’ In reality, however, no one but Symeonides was in a position to complete this volume. He alone … has compiled 20 years of annual case law reviews taking the pulse of American state and federal courts on choice-of-law issues.”

Revolution is Symeonides’ 19th book. American Private International Law, his 20th book, was published by Kluwer International in March 2008.