Willamette University College of Law to host the second annual Oregon Dispute Resolution Conference

Willamette University College of Law is pleased to host the second annual Oregon Dispute Resolution Conference honoring Bryan M. Johnston on Saturday, April 17, 2010.

This second annual conference represents the Oregon dispute resolution community’s continuing commitment to seek ways to increase productive collaboration between its members. The conference is intended to bring together the varied and disparate members of the dispute resolution community to keep up old friendships, cultivate and grow existing dispute resolution ventures, and meet new people and create new projects. It is our way to walk our talk — to take the time to collaborate, create value in the community and negotiate our way to a better Oregon.

The nature of this event is that of a self-facilitated workshop. We will start the conference with short updates on projects begun last year. There is good news about several projects, and last year’s event sparked some new activities worth further discussion. Updates will be as brief as possible so we can begin meeting in the “affinity groups” we identified last year: government employees, public policy mediators and conveners, private sector mediators, community mediators, court mediators, and educators. In the afternoon, we will divide up according to project interest. Afterward, we will convene to hear the results of group sessions and to make plans for continuation of the projects we choose.

This event also provides the opportunity to honor the memory of Bryan Johnston, who helped improve the state of Oregon in a variety of significant ways. During the luncheon, the Bryan M. Johnston Distinguished Service Award will be presented to this year’s recipient.

Last year’s inaugural event was a terrific addition to the annual calendar of Oregon dispute resolution events. We hope that this year you will help make the conference even bigger and more productive.

For more information on the conference, contact Reyna Meyers at 503-370-6046 or