WUCL Professor Provides Expert Commentary to AP

Professor Keith Cunningham-Parmeter provided his expert legal opinion to the Associated Press this week about the Oregon Supreme Court's ruling that an employer is not required to accommodate a worker's use of medical marijuana.

According to the article -- which was picked up by The New York Times, BusinessWeek and Forbes, among others -- the Court ruled that "state law is trumped by federal law that classifies pot as an illegal drug."

In the case, a worker who was fired after telling his boss he used doctor-approved medical marijuana filed a discrimination claim against his employer, arguing the company did not make a reasonable accommodation for a disability.

In comments to the Associated Press, Cunningham-Parmeter said the Oregon Supreme Court went farther than needed to resolve the question of accommodation. "I think this is a shot across the bow to supporters of medical marijuana or expanded legalization movements in Oregon or in other states," he said.

A member of the Willamette law faculty since 2006, Cunningham-Parmeter is an expert in employment and immigration law. To learn more about Cunningham-Parmeter, visit his online faculty page.

You can read the full AP article on The New York Times website.