Prof. Nafziger re-elected to one of top positions in sports law group

Prof. James A.R. Nafziger, who has completed a handbook on international sports law and is working on an anthology of the same subject, has been re-elected honorary president of the International Association of Sports Law.

The organization publishes a journal and holds an annual congress. Its purpose is to provide a forum for discussion about issues affecting sports law around the world, such as doping in sports and eligibility requirements for the Olympic Games.

“The basic subject is of enormous popular interest around the world, just as people are interested in art and religion and archaeology – but it doesn’t get much play in the press,” Nafziger said of sports law. “To many legal educators it seems like a rather frivolous topic, yet it raises some important questions.”

At Willamette, Nafziger teaches and writes extensively in the fields of international law and dispute resolution, international business transactions, immigration and refugee law, comparative law, international arbitration and litigation, and conflict of laws. He also directs the school’s study abroad program to China.