Multicultural Law Students Association

Multicultural Law Students Association

The Multicultural Law Students Association (MLSA) is an organization dedicated to advancing issues related to race and ethnicity at Willamette University College of Law (WUCL).  Although the organization is mainly comprised of students of color, MLSA welcomes anyone who shares  its desire to diversify the law school and the legal profession.

As an organization, MLSA seeks to create an environment where diversity is appreciated and accepted, and strives to dispel the notion that racial and ethnic diversity should merely be tolerated.

Why is an organization like MLSA important? 

Many of MLSA’s members come from racially and ethnically diverse communities.  To help students adjust to their new lives in Salem, OR, MLSA offers a support network for its members.  New students have opportunities to interact with other first year students, and also to hear words of wisdom passed down from second and third year students.

In addition to peer support, MLSA remains committed to calling attention to the work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  MLSA organizes the annual celebration of Dr. King’s birthday at Willamette University.  MLSA has also produced a two-day symposium, entitled Race, Culture and the Law.