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Opening Days 2016

Willamette gears up for a new academic year and the arrival of the class of 2020.

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Life of the mind

Recently retired professor Bill Duvall and other legendary faculty members have helped students discover the enduring benefits of a liberal arts education.

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Willamette Law celebrates Associate Dean Santos

Students, alumni and colleagues recognized Danny Santos' retirement and service.

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MBA retains dual accreditation

Willamette's MBA remains one of two programs in the world with dual accreditation.

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  • Distinguished Faculty
    Only at Willamette
    Our professors are the best teachers — and so much more.

    Teaching just scratches the surface of all that they do. They challenge, engage, guide and collaborate with students, both in and out of the classroom. And they’re among the best at it — 11 of the 26 Oregon Professors of the Year are from Willamette.

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  • State Capitol
    State Capitol
    You might call the Gold Man our unofficial mascot.

    We like to think of the Oregon State Capitol, courts and state agencies — located only a crosswalk away — as part of our campus, too. Our proximity to state policymaking provides unparalleled opportunities for internships, research and civic engagement.

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    Only at Willamette
    Why settle for one when you can have two?

    Our campus boasts more than a top-ranked undergraduate program — we’ve also got stellar graduate schools in law and management. Our dual-degree programs allow students to combine a liberal arts education with professional preparation and earn two degrees in less time.

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  • Global Programs
    Only at Willamette
    Get an intimate look at the rest of the globe — here or abroad.

    Taiko drummers at campus events, Japanese roommates, dining hall sushi — it makes you wonder if our Oregon campus was transported to Japan. You can thank our unique partnership with Tokyo International University, just one of many ways we provide a global education.

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  • Sustainability
    Only at Willamette
    Our landscape is an unbeatable laboratory.

    Located in Oregon’s fertile Willamette Valley, we’re uniquely situated to pursue connections with sustainability and the environment — and our 305­acre Zena Forest offers countless possibilities for academic exploration. How many other urban campuses can say they own a forest?

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