Kristen Grainger

Vice President and Executive Assistant to the President; Administrative Secretary, Board of Trustees

Serves as chief of staff and budget manager for the President’s Office; manages and supports the activities and operations of the Board of Trustees; oversees Institutional Research & Planning Support and Willamette Academy.

Kristen Grainger, vice president and executive assistant to the President, serves as the administrative secretary to the Willamette University Board of Trustees and chief of staff for the President’s office. She oversees the Office of Institutional Research and Planning Support and serves as the University’s ADA appeals officer. Other duties include speechwriting, community relations and select media relations assignments. Grainger graduated from the University of Washington in 1988, and prior to Willamette, she worked in Oregon state politics for more than 13 years as a journalist, political advisor and legislative advocate. After six years as president of Grainger & Tresidder Government Relations, she served as chief of staff to Oregon Attorney General Hardy Myers from 1996 to 2002, and communications director for Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski’s 2002 gubernatorial campaign. She has worked in her current capacity at Willamette since 2002.