Sustainability Leadership

Sustainability is advanced at Willamette University on all levels by staff, students, and faculty. The University has established formal leadership structures to guide and direct initiative and innovation, including:

The Willamette University Sustainability Institute Director reports to the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, and meets periodically with an Executive Committee regarding Sustainability Advisory Board proposals, the Sustainability Institute's annual work plan, and other issues as needed.

Executive Committee Members

  • Carol Long, Senior Vice President For Academic and Student Affairs (chair)
  • Ruth Feingold, Dean, College of Liberal Arts
  • Ed Whipple, Vice President, Student Affairs
  • Joe Bowersox, Professor, Earth & Environmental Sciences (faculty representative)
  • Monica Rimai, Senior Vice President, Finance and Administration
  • Jim Bauer, Vice President, Planning and External Affairs
  • Dan Valles, Associate Vice President, Financial Operations
  • Russ Yost, Chief Communications Officer
  • Joe Abraham, Director, Sustainability Institute

Willamette University's Sustainability Institute serves to strategically advance sustainability in academics, operations, and campus and community engagement.

The Institute also oversees the administration and planning of Willamette University's Zena Forest.

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The Sustainability Advisory Board is composed of appointed faculty, staff, and students focusing broadly on assessing and advancing (1) sustainability in the curriculum, (2) campus and community engagement, (3) and operations and campus planning, and (4) their integration where possible. The Advisory Board's charge is to:

  1. Advocate for engagement and learning outcomes as integral to all curricular, co-curricular, and operations & campus planning sustainability initiatives at Willamette University.
  2. In conjunction with the Sustainability Institute director, identify and monitor progress towards specific sustainability goals that comport with broader objectives and expectations established in the university’s strategic plan and set by the Sustainability Executive Committee.
  3. In conjunction with the Institute director, provide progress reports annually to the Sustainability Executive Committee.
  4. In conjunction with the Sustainability Institute, the Green Initiative Fund, and other campus units, engage student, staff, and faculty in the advancement of sustainability at Willamette University.
  5. Provide ongoing guidance, support and advice to the Sustainability Executive Committee and Sustainability Institute Director as needed in achieving desired outcomes.

2017-18 Advisory Board Members

  • Susan Smith, Law Professor and Director, Sustainable Environmental, Energy, and Resources Law Program (Co-chair)
  • Dan Rouslin, Professor, Music (Co-chair)
  • Elliot Maltz, Professor, Atkinson Graduate School of Management
  • Janet Lorenzen, Assistant Professor, Sociology
  • Thomas Mayhall Rastrelli, Director, Digital Communications
  • Susan Chiapella, Budget & Accreditation Analyst, Atkinson Graduate School of Management
  • Mark Mazurier, Assistant Director, Campus Planning
  • Eric Lassahn, Director, Office of Community Service Learning
  • Christine Shanaberger, Director of Foundation Relations, Office of Development and Alumni Relations
  • Sarah Brush, undergraduate student representative
  • Grant Elder, Law graduate student representative

  • Carol Drost, Associate University Librarian, Hatfield Library
  • Harneha Ghuman, AGSM graduate student representative

  • Andre Uribe, Executive Chef, Bon Appetit at Willamette University
  • Joe Abraham, Director, Sustainability Institute