Zena Forest and Farm

Student Organizations

All Willamette University Student Organizations are invited to schedule an event, take a tour, or establish an on-going presence at Zena Farm. Currently the Zena Farm Club visits most frequently. Other clubs that have used the farm in the past are the Willamette Garden and Compost Society, Drawing Club, and Yoga club. If you are a student with an idea for a new project or a way to improve an existing program, please email Joe Abraham and your voice will be heard.

Potential Farm Projects: “Think Tank” Brainstorming Sessions

From the creation of the farm in the fall of 2009 to recent “think tank” brainstorming sessions of potential farm projects, student initiative drives innovation at Zena. Student initiative led to the creation of the Farm Stand, where our produce is sold on campus, inoculation of 40 mushroom logs, and breaking ground on new production areas.  We invite students to bring ideas for change, and will work to make student proposals a reality. 

Get involved now! Email Joe Abraham, Director, Willamette University Sustainability Institute.