Academy Students Attend Miss. Representation Screening

A group of Willamette Academy students went to the viewing of the documentary Miss Representation on Tuesday, March 20th,presented by Oregon Women Lead and Women Ending Hunger. The documentary addresses the negative stereotypes of women in the Media, along with women's under representation in positions of power. Prior to the viewing, Kate Brown, Oregon’s Secretary of State, Anna Peterson, Mayor of Salem, Cheryl Roberts, President of Chemeketa Community College, and Kristen Granger, Vice-Presidentof Willamette University, all spoke about their own experiences and gave encouraging advice to others hoping to have political and administrative careers. The importance of finding role models, both women and men role models, was strongly emphasized by both the speakers and the movie. Every girl and woman has the capacity to lead. This leadership begins with having high expectations and the encouragement of a role model. This documentary was a great experience for Willamette Academy students to see how the media distorts the capabilities of women and how resources are available for women to achieve positions of power. Knowing this,the Willamette Academy students will be able to discuss what they learned with their peers and pass on this sense of empowerment to other girls and women.