College Visit: George Fox & Western Oregon University

On November 11th, several students from the Willamette Academy visited Western Oregon University and George Fox University. During their times on both campuses they had the chance to explore many of the academic opportunities available to them. The students were given an idea of the many different academic branches found within different the different colleges. They got to see all of the different majors and minors available. In addition they were also exposed to the many graduate schools available on the different campuses.

Beyond academics the students were given a good sense of other activities available to them beyond the classroom. They were all given many examples of internship, volunteer and employment opportunities available on campus or around the campuses.

Finally, the students were given the sense of what college life can actually feel like. They were shown what actual residence life can look like. They learned about housing requirements and roommate pairing procedures. In addition, the students were told of many opportunities for entertainment away from the campus including nearby cities and popular activities.

Overall the students were given a wonderful sample of college life that can undoubtedly aid in their future academic decisions.